Feb 25, 2015

Weigh-In Wednesday: 2/25/15

Apparently 3 weeks is about all luck can handle. My bubble was burst this morning.

Last Week: 160.2 lbs
This Week: 161 lbs
Change: +.8 lbs

It's not a terrible gain, but I'll be honest, it was pretty disappointing. But I should have expected this.  Last night I stepped on the scale because I was feeling good. I normally don't weigh myself at night. I like to do it in the mornings. But last night I was feeling skinny and gave it a shot. I saw 161. I just had a feeling that this morning I would see 160, maybe even 159.something. Then BAM! 161 again this morning.

Why did I expect anything different though? After all I snacked pretty hard Saturday night and then had Taco Bell for lunch on Sunday, followed by a beer while walking around the Boat, Sport and Travel show, then some buttery popcorn. And lets not forget the mini Reese eggs that I grabbed when we dropped Tucker off and then picked him up. Those damn things practically unwrapped themselves and jumped in my mouth.

Then on the way home as I was feeling guilty about my eating, it clicked. I had my crap food moment.
I've known this and that's what really jump started my weight loss at the end of October. But I've been hovering around 160 and 161 for over a month. I would really love to be at 150 before we go on our cruise in June.
Treats every now and then aren't bad. I love having a cheat meal. I just need to be better about not having more than one a week or weekend. I do sooooo well during the week, but I'll be damned if Friday night and Saturday roll around and I was all the greasy things! One thing that has helped is the monthly challenge that I've been doing. February's food to eliminate was fried foods and I'll be honest... Fried foods were harder than sweets because I love French fries. Fries and chips are my weaknesses. But, the light bulb that came on Sunday evening during my self-loathing got me thinking about the next few months and what I can realistically do. Mainly because the cruise is coming up and we are in a wedding like 2 weeks after we get home. Here is the modified version of the monthly challenge and my plans for the next 4 months.

March - I've determined what I will do about dairy. I'm cutting all dairy out except for post workout snacks, which will be limited to Greek yogurt or chocolate milk.
April - I've made April my Sugar month since June is the month of the cruise and will start after Easter, which is April 5th. I don't want to set myself up for failure and start before. I will be following Level 1 of the 21 Day Sugar Detox. I'm pretty excited for this one and am actually looking forward to April. It's going to be tough because my beloved wine will be going bye-bye, but I can do it.  I may go ahead and do it April 6th through April 30th.
May - Gluten. I've had very little thoughts on this one actually. Maybe with all the energy I will supposedly have from ridding my body of sugar, I will have tons of time to research this one in April.
June - I made this the juice and soda month because it's more realistic. I don't really  have a problem with pop. I have maybe 3 a week. I very, very rarely drink juice. Like maybe once a month, if that. Challenge will be easier to keep up with on the cruise.

That's the plan for now. Who is interested in joining the Sugar Detox in April?


  1. I really, really just want you to read It Starts With Food... not that you have to do Whole30 or eat Paleo or any of that... just the book itself has SO much good info for your body, so many things will click and make sense to you! It's really, really helpful just by itself. Would you consider reading it? I hate to be that pushy person but I just know it would really interest you and make sense to you!

  2. We have cut all the foods in that picture out for about a year now and when we do actually have then we feel like crap. When we don't eat that crap we feel like we have all the energy in the world.

    You can do this. I have watched you come this far so I know you can.