Feb 9, 2015

A (Sick) Weekend Recap

The weekend unfortunately started early for me on Friday. After about 4 hours of sleep due to coughing and feeling uncomfortable all night, I decided to stay home from work for the second time last week. Danny took Tucker and they left the house until about 1pm so I could rest. I was able to get comfy in bed and slept for another few hours. After they had visited anyone that could be visited, they came home where we all lounged.  There were no Birthday Cake Oreo binges though. Just some Taco Bell for lunch. Not sure which is worse. So, needless to say, this weekend was pretty quiet.

Saturday was a bunch of lounging during the day. I still wasn't feeling too great, but was feeling a little better. We went to church and a chili dinner that was at the church. Afterwards we headed to my brother's to have some birthday pie. His birthday was last Thursday so we continued the celebration. We went out to eat on his actual birthday where Tucker proceeded to pull a little girl's hair in the booth behind us. I could have died. Once we got home and Tucker got in bed, I popped some Nyquil and went to bed.

Sunday was a wonderful day. I think I told Danny at least twice that I loved Sundays like the one we had yesterday. We were all up early and off to the grocery by 9am. Once we got home we relaxed, ate lunch, cleaned our room, and played a little bit.

Danny went for a bike ride while Tucker napped and I watched Friends (I'm currently on Season 10 and nervous about what I'm supposed to watch next!). Once Tucker woke up and Danny got home, we all went to the park to enjoy the nice day. All meaning Diesel got to go too! Danny and Diesel walked .6 miles and Tucker and I got another mile in. After being cooped up in the house and sitting on my ass for most of the weekend, it felt so good to get out and get moving!

Once we got home, I made some muffins, moved some laundry, and made dinner. After dinner Tucker took a bath and went to bed without even a little bit of a fight. After I made his bottle, he grabbed it and started walking towards the chair in his room. Perfect. Sunday!

Now we are at a busy week. Danny works Monday, Wednesday and Friday this week. In our Pre-Tucker life, this used to be my favorite work rotation of his. Not so much anymore!

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  1. I was sick the weekend before last, it was horrible and lasted until last Wednesday. Sounds like you had a pretty good weekend otherwise.