Feb 16, 2015

Valentine's Weekend Recap

I was right about our Valentine's Day this weekend becoming one of my favorites!

Friday I left work a little early to get Tucker so we could do some running around. We were headed to Muncie to try and sell some clothes at Plato's Closet, look for sheets at Kohls and do some Target shopping. Plato's bought $8.40 worth of clothes and Kohl's sheets section left much to be desired. Believe it or not, aqua colored sheets are very difficult to find. And of course I forgot to look at Target while we were there. Once we got home Tucker went to bed and I finished Danny's Valentine's Day gift.. an at home date night jar. I put 24 dates in there, so we have enough for 2 at home dates a month.
I found some really awesome burlap paper at Hobby Lobby (all materials were bought there). It was the perfect way to spruce up the dates!

Once Danny got home we exchanged gifts. I gave him his and he told me that while we were out Saturday he was going to buy me a new shirt because he didn't have enough guts to pick one out for me himself. We dropped Tucker off at my mom's for the day and night and headed to Downtown Indy. Our first stop was one of our infamous misadventures. Not as dramatic as this one, but still kind of a bust. We wanted to explore the city market. Well, it's more of a before lunch thing so about half of the vendors were closed. We left after we used the restroom, so we were there for about 4 minutes and had paid $6 to park. We headed to lunch at Weber Grill and Oh. My. God! I'm still thinking about the meal. Even the broccoli was good! Danny got prime rib and I ordered a BBQ combo with ribs and meatloaf. We decided that the meatloaf was the best thing we've ever tasted and the mashed potatoes were by far the best we've ever had. And it doesn't hurt that they bring you pretzel rolls to begin your feast. After lunch we shopped at Circle Centre. I swapped my shirt for some Bath & Body Works stuff and that was pretty much all we bought. On our way home we stopped at a Wal-Mart because I discovered they had some of my favorite wine that is made 3.5 hours away. So it made me super happy to find it 40 minutes away.

After we got home we ordered a pizza, which took an hour and 10 minutes instead of the 35 we were told. They told us they ran out of boxes and that's why it took so long. What kind of pizza place runs out of boxes? I know, the kind that is known for getting high while on the job. That's what we get for trying to be cheap about dinner. Danny wasn't feeling well so we went to bed early. But not before eating almost all of the mini Reese eggs that my mom gave us. I seriously think there were 6 left in the bag when we went to bed. We have no self control. 

Sunday was a lazy morning. Well, lazy after I started lunch, did a load of laundry and cleaned the living room and playroom and after Danny went to the MedCheck and came home with 3 different meds. Around 11 I decided to enjoy the remaining Tucker free hours and watched a few episodes of Law & Order: SVU and draw some plans for our mudroom. My mom and Tuck showed up around 2 and we ate lunch and laughed at Tucker's rottenness. We spent the rest of the day dealing with a tired cranky 1 year old, then went to visit Danny's dad and stepmom who just got back from 6 weeks in Florida. It was nice to see them.

Now it's time for another work week. Exciting news though. We are meeting with the contractor who is doing our mudroom addition today at lunch and I can't wait! My house and sanity need this extra space!


  1. Sounds like a fun weekend! I love the date just idea. Btw, Platos Closet is terrible. They always try to rip you off!

  2. Sounds like a great weekend. You will have to share the renovation before and afters.