Feb 23, 2015

Weekend Recap

Is anyone else shocked that we just had our last full weekend for February? I certainly am. But, that can only mean a few great things are just around the corner: SPRING, baseball, being outside, and what I'm sure will be my new favorite thing to do.. Camping!

This weekend was pretty uneventful and really just kind of boring. Which is fine. We need those weekends every once in a while.  After work on Friday I got a quick workout in before Danny and Tucker got home. After that we went to eat at Captain D's. Danny suggested it and I really didn't feel like cooking even though I fully planned on it. After Tucker went to bed, Danny had some homework to do for a class that he is taking for work this week and I enjoyed a glass of wine and I think I went to bed pretty early.

On Saturday we woke up to snow on the ground and snow still coming down. The snow fell pretty much all morning. Tuck and I stayed home while Danny was out plowing and helping a friend work on his truck. We ventured out in the snow for a few. It is amazing how much work it is to bundle a child up for just a few minutes in the snow. Tuck doesn't have any real snow clothes, so I had to make what he had work. He didn't really love the snow last time we went out, but he LOVED it this time!

This is one of those pictures that is worth a thousand words. I bet I've looked at it 100 times since Saturday.

After playing for a bit, Tucker fought a nap and won, which made for an early bedtime. But also made for 2 wake ups. Danny had more homework to do and I just caught up on some shows while he did that.

Sunday was a pretty fun day. We dropped Tucker off at my mom's and met some friends at the Boat, Sport and Travel show. Yesterday is when we intended to buy a camper, but seeing as we've already done that, we went just to look and figure out what sort of things we need when we actually get it. Which the salesman told us yesterday that ours is schedule to come off the line this week! After walking around for 5ish hours, we picked Tucker up and headed home. We were so worn out. My lack of sleep and no Diet Dew (I gave up pop for Lent) to perk me up hit me hard.

Once we were home we ate, and played with, dinner. 

Tucker fought a good fight at bedtime, but mama won this time.  It wasn't long after he was in bed that I was too. I had laundry to fold, toys to pick up, dishes to do, and I should have done a workout, but like I said, I was beat. A workout would have been half assed and didn't seem worth it.

I hope you all had a great weekend and have an easy week!


  1. I gave up soda too and man this weekend it was hard to not have one to get over the mid-day slump! Aren't little boys playing in the snow just the best? Have a great week!

  2. Looks like a fun weekend! Tucker playing in the snow is just too cute! I'm with you, spring is around the corner! Along with many other great things! :)

  3. I gave up alcohol for lent since I don't drink pop and it is fish fry season and all we would be doing on Friday's is drinking and eating fried crap. So far so good, mostly because we skipped the first fish fry weekend of the season. Tuck looks like he is going to fall asleep in that last picture.