Feb 20, 2015

Friday Favorites

I enjoyed doing Friday Favorites so much last week that I'm doing it again! It's particularly helpful after a long week to be able to look back on those things that you did enjoy.

Tucker's Favorite - This little boy LOVES outside. He is really hating the weather right now since it's about 0 degrees outside. It's been so cold that schools were canceled yesterday and are on a delay today. Little buddy just wants to play outside!

Favorite Moment - Finding Tucker's teething necklace last night. Since that beautiful string of beads arrived in October, he has worn it practically 24/7.

The only time we take it off is if we forget to move it to his ankle (we just wrap it around a couple times then twist it together. Wednesday night was one of those times. I took it off before I put him in his crib. Thursday morning he grabbed it as I was trying to put it on his neck and rather than him yanking it and breaking it, leaving us completely screwed, I let go and let him play with it. Lesser of 2 evils. Within 5 minutes it was nowhere to be seen. I tore the couches apart, looked under them, behind them. No where. After work yesterday, I remembered he was playing in Danny's dirty clothes. And there it was. Thank goodness I found it.

Favorite Recipe - I didn't cook much this week, but on Tuesday I made Mix and Match Mama's Chicken Pot Pie and it was gone in a hurry. Tucker loved it the most. Chicken, veggies and biscuits? Sign him up! It was a definite favorite and will be made again. I can't wait to make the Tex-Mex version!

Favorite Pin - This picture I found on Pinterest could not be more true for me at the moment.
My pregnancy brain has turned into Mom Brain. Fair warning for all of you mama-to-be's: pregnancy brain is just a warm up. Let's look at last Friday night for example. After Tucker went to bed, I was making my dinner, a turkey and bacon sandwich. I just use microwave bacon because frying bacon scares me. I was going to cook each slice for 8 seconds, meaning 24 seconds total. The wave is going, I'm assembling the rest of the sandwich and I'm like, why isn't my bacon done yet? I looked at the time on the wave: 7:15. When I decided on 8 seconds per slice, my brain registered 8 MINUTES! I'm not done. I was putting everything away and couldn't find the rest of the bacon, but also didn't remember putting it in the fridge. Well that's because I didn't put it in the fridge. It was in the bread basket. Yeah. Danny considered coming home from work. I did something else this week, which I can't remember what, that made him tell me to let him know when I'm back from my trip to outer space. I've lost it people.

Happy Friday everyone!

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  1. Hahha! Too funny about the mommy brain. I've definitely heard that the "pregnancy brain" doesn't go away! I cook my bacon in the oven on a cookie sheet lined with tinfoil so I don't have to mess with it in a pan and it's minimal clean up. :) Just thought I'd share :)