Mar 3, 2015

Four Things

Excuse my absence yesterday. Work ended on a very sour note last week, which left me in  a funk for the weekend. Plus, the weekend was pretty routine: tv and lounging Friday night, errands and dinner with my mom, brother and his girlfriend Saturday (where Tucker discovered he likes salad when he grabbed a handful of mine), Sunday we woke up to more snow and I ventured to the grocery in the snow. See... pretty routine.

In an effort to get me out of my sour mood and move past it, I'm stealing this fun post idea from the beautiful mama-to-be Julie @ Just the Joys, who stole it from Ericka @ This Crazy Thing Called Life.

Here we go!

Four names that people call me other than my real name:
1. Erin Shell
2. EO
3. Sis
4. Polly... only about 2 people call me this. I told them how my Grammy's middle name was Esther and she really wanted a granddaughter to share that name with her. She thought the name Polly would be a good first name. I'll wait while you put it together...
Four jobs I've had:
1. babysitting
2. the best damn milkshake maker Dortees has ever seen
3. I straightened panties at Victoria's Secret for a few months
4. June 2008-June 2010, I was basically my dad's assistant. Then when he passed away I took over the insurance agency.
Four movies I've watched more than once:
1. Hangover
2. Sweet Home Alabama
3. Elf
4. Superbad
 McLovin? What kind of a stupid name is that, Fogell? <3 Superbad
Four books I recommend:
1. Nineteen Minutes by Jodi Picoult
2. The Best of Me by Nicholas Sparks
3. It Starts with Food. I'm only 5 chapters in and its been so eye opening
4. That's all I can think of so far. I know that I do not recommend The Going to Bed Book.
Four places that I have lived:
1. Anderson, IN
2. Muncie, IN
3. our current small town
Four places I have visited:
1. Ft. Myers Beach, FL
2. Orange Beach, AL
3. Cancun
4. California. We took a big family trip and went to San Fran and Huntington Beach. Loved both of them!
Four places I'd rather be right now:
1. Anywhere
2. in the sand
3. with a bottomless cocktail
4. on a comfy lounge chair.
 Wouldn't that be nice..
Four things I don't eat:
1. Baked beans, peas 
2. Liver
3. Oysters
4. Raw onions. Really though, if they aren't covered in batter and then fried, I'm not going to eat them. I wanted to do this on Saturday, but our waitress was really nice so I didn't.
Really I said NO onions!!!
Four of my favorite foods:
1. Mexican.
2. Pizza
3. I honestly love a good salad
4. Shrimp
Four TV shows I watch:
1. Grey's Anatomy
2. Scandal
3. Modern Family
4. Mysteries of Laura
Four things I'm looking forward to this year:
1. our Alaskan cruise in June with Danny's family
2. camping trips
3.  adding on a mudroom so I can move my dirt out of the kitchen. Seriously though.
4. getting rid of a few properties that my brother and me own.
And for fun, 4 more completely useless facts about me:
1. I tend to choose what color of plates/bowls we eat off of based on the food we're eating so it looks pretty. I'm all about presentation.
2. 4th of July is my favorite holiday.
3. I have an extra bone in my left foot and it looks like I have 2 ankle bones on the inside of my foot.
4. The flat sheet and blanket on our bed HAS to be a certain way before I get in bed. If the tags aren't at the bottom, I cannot deal.


  1. Polly Esther LOL!!!! I love it :)
    An Alaskan cruise is something that my husband and I have decided we are totally going to do one day, we just don't know when but we are going on our first cruise in April so that is very exciting! I could also watch Sweet Home Alabama every day if my husband would let me!!!

  2. Oh my the name is cracking me up. Seriously now, over half this post I could just copy and paste and it would be my post... for instance the foods, tv shows and the movies (which all are my faves and I watch like 238473 a year). Half of your don't eats are on my don't eats....I hope you get our of your funk.

  3. Your going on an Alasaka cruise this June??! Awesome!! My husband and I did one of those for our honeymoon! Where are you guys headed to/from? You will absolutely love it! Take lots of pics! :) I love that ecard about someday only having to worry about what cocktail your going to have on the beach :) I'm with you on that!