Mar 16, 2015

Weekend Recap

So, last week was crazy busy for work. I was gone all day Wednesday, which meant Thursday was stupid busy from the time I walked in the door until I left, then Friday morning Tuck had his 15 month check up and then I went straight to crazy work. Today ends the craziness, but I'm actually able to post today. And should be able to as I normally do this week!

Like I mentioned already, Tucker had his 15 month check up Friday morning. I was anxious for this appointment given what happened last Sunday and then Monday night he had was Danny and I believed were night terrors. He has also been sick off and on pretty much since Christmas. Ear infection, croup and then a stomach bug. The good news: He's growing like a weed still and the pediatrician thinks Sunday's episode was nothing more than typical toddler behavior. The bad news: the 40 minutes of throwing himself on the floor while screaming and not wanting touched at all was normal toddler behavior. Pray for me as we reach the real toddlerhood of the Terrible Two's and the Threenager year. I've heard 4 is a dream. Tucker is also part of the 2% of children that experience night terrors. Fortunately, he doesn't remember them like Danny and I will. They are more traumatic for the parents than they are the children.

Danny worked overtime Friday night so it was just Tucker and me. We ate dinner, played and he went to bed pretty easily. I caught up on Grey's Anatomy and Scandal while I grocery and meal planned for our shopping trip on Sunday. Before bedtime, it was determined that Tucker needs new pj's. Not because they have Santa on them, but because his little belly hangs out no matter how far down you pull the shirt.

Saturday I treated Tucker to some French toast. He recently discovered the beauty of French toast and eats it nearly every morning. He also loved on his puppy brother some too.

He also discovered sandwiches. 3 of Tucker's favorite foods are any kind of meat, cheese and bread so when Danny handed him a 3" turkey and American cheese sub on Saturday within minutes after happily waking up from a nap, you would have thought it was Christmas morning. After lunch and getting ready, we all 3 headed out for some Target shopping and dinner with my mom, brother and his girlfriend. My mom treated us all to a highly anticipated dinner at Tucanos Brazilian Grill. It did not disappoint and was worth every penny. I would say that even if we had paid for our own meal. If you've never been to a Brazilian steakhouse/grill, it's pretty much an all you can eat meat buffet that comes to your table. Waiters walk around with skewers of different beef, chicken, seafood and pork, and then at this particular restaurant there was a salad bar and buffet with sides and other treats. We pretty much can't wait to go back. We're also pretty sure Tucker was dreaming about it last night because he was talking pretty happily in his sleep.

Yesterday was another day spent out and about. Church, grocery, some more Target, and Toys R Us. We scored a pretty sweet play kitchen for Tucker. Originally $170 and we paid $65. When we got home we all hung out outside. Tucker isn't too sure about walking on the gravel, so he'll just crawl. 

After some play time, I took Diesel to the park for a short walk then came home, made dinner, did bath time, then put Tucker to bed. I was beat! I tried reading when I got into bed, but made it through 3 pages. And on the Kindle, that's like 1 real page.

Now its time for what should be a fun, but busy week! Drew and I should be 2 properties short by the time the week is over, and Danny and I should have our house on wheels. They told us 8 weeks and today is 8 weeks since it was ordered!


  1. Oliver's pj's do the same thing. I just laugh because no matter the size it seem all his shirts do that. There use to be a place in St. Louis called Brazakats like your Brazilian place. It was sooo good. It closed shortly after we went and we still don't know why.

  2. Awww! So sorry to hear about Tucker's night terrors. That sounds awful :( Yay for selling two properties and hopefully getting your camper! :)