Mar 23, 2015

The Weekend

 This weekend proved that this month of rest and recovering from my injury is going to be nothing short of difficult.

Friday I took a half day for the 3rd day in a row to get my hair done. It was very much needed. After that, I hung out at home with my 3 favorite men (Diesel is included) while Danny made dinner. I also ran out to my brothers to see if the Community Crutches would work for me so I didn't have to buy a new set. Drew used them when he had foot surgery, then Danny used them, but I won't be using them. I'm a little bit shorter than 5'10". After I got home, I ate my dinner then lounged as much as Tucker would let me, which wasn't much. After he went to bed, I indulged in some wine. Danny refilled my glass for me, which resulted in my falling asleep. I've become somewhat of a lightweight...

Saturday was a long day. It started with lunch for my grandma's birthday, then a trip to Target to find some cute, but cheap shoes that I could wear with my boot for the next month. Before I was limited to my tennis shoes since they were the only ones with a thick sole, and those aren't very fashionable. I'm going to miss my Toms. After Target, we hung out at home with my mom, went to the park and had Dortees for dinner. Fortunately, Dortees didn't meet our expectations and we probably won't be back very much this year. My jeans are going to thank me for the lack of ice cream.

After dinner we had a few visitors. Once everyone left, we played and then began the 2 hour bedtime battle. It was another night where Tucker and I were both left in tears. At around 3am, we ended up in the recliner. I think we're in the middle of another round of teething because he was a hot mess all day on Sunday. Danny took him to church and breakfast so I could actually sit. I got our meals planned for the week and got to lay in bed for an hour. It. Was. Glorious! When they got home, we went to the grocery. That was probably my first and last trip to the grocery on crutches. Danny will be going by himself with a very detailed list next time. Yesterday afternoon we went to visit Danny's dad and then stopped by the hospital to have a nurse friend look in Tucker's ear. He had been pulling and hitting his ear, so we wondered if he was getting an ear infection. She said it looked pretty normal, so that just confirmed that teething is once again upon us. I will cry so many happy tears when teething is over. He's lucky he's so cute!

When we got home, we hung out outside while Danny made dinner, even though it was about 45 degrees out. This kid is obsessed with being outside. After dinner it was time for a bath, running around like a maniac, and then by the grace of God, a 30 minute bedtime! I enjoyed a glass of wine in celebration then went to bed pretty early. 

Now we're at another Monday. We were told this is the real camper week. We should be getting it on Wednesday! And hopefully Drew and I will be scheduling a closing for another property!

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  1. Your little guy is super cute! After changing my diet I have become a light weight too. Although I skipped the wine and went for the vodka/cranberry this weekend.