Mar 25, 2015

Weigh-In Wednesday: 3/25/15

Weighing in on Wednesdays takes a bit more effort now than it did last week. I gotta  hobble or crutch to the bathroom, take my boot off, step on the scale, then put my boot back on. Despite all the extra work for a 20 second event, I did it anyways! And I'm glad I did because it gave me motivation to set some goals for the next couple of months while I recover.
Last Week: 157.8 lbs
This Week: 159.0 lbs
Change: +1.2 lbs

That's my first gain in a month, and I'm still in the 150s so I'll take it. I was a little lax with my eating this weekend. Mentally, I think I automatically go to "I'm doing a Whole30 in a couple weeks, so its okay to eat 6 Oreos right now" and I need to cut that out. I've worked hard to get back to the 150s and I don't want to see all of that go to waste because of my food choices. I can't control that I can't exercise right now. But I can control what food I put in my body. Oreos, French fries, breaded tenderloins (seriously, come to Indiana and get one), and Tucker's leftover French toast every morning isn't going to keep me where I'm at or help me get to where I want to be.

Let's talk about these goals. I'm trying to keep them realistic since the only form of exercise I get now is using crutches. Seriously though. My arms and shoulders have been on fire since Saturday.
1. Complete the Whole30 - This is going to be crucial. And I'm pretty pumped for it. Since I have more spare time now, I have been planning hardcore. I have a color-coded calendar made up for what days I have to have meals prepped in advance since Danny is doing this too and will need to take food to work. Plus he is taking a class on Monday and Wednesday nights during this, so that's another 2 days that food has to be prepped in advance. I've got a Word document with meals and links to the recipes started and its broken down by breakfast, lunch, dinner and sides. Plus, I ordered some Whole30 approved sauces from Tessemaes and of the 2 we tried last night, I enjoy them both. I might have to hide the Chesapeake Mayo from Danny until the Whole30 starts. I've also been prepping my taste buds. I can now tolerate coffee with a splash of coconut milk. That's it. I knew coffee would be the toughest change (peanut butter being a close second. Almond butter sucks so I'm just going to have to go the whole 30 days without) so I wanted to get a head start.
2. Stay in my 8s - Other than when I was pregnant and the months following Tucker's birth (so from August 2013-July 2014), I've worn a size 10 jeans since I was in like 7th grade. I briefly wore 12s in college, but that was for like a year then I got my shit together. I am now comfortably wearing 8's and it feels pretty damn good.
3. Love Handles Challenge - I was scrolling through my Motivation board on Pinterest the other day looking for SOMETHING I can do while I'm in this boot. Not exercising is getting to me I think. I'm kind of cranky and I'm tired. And having worked so hard the last 5 months, it's kind of terrifying to completely stop the physical part of it. So, I found this.
I believe I can safely do each move while recovering.  I'm going to wait until April to start, maybe a week or so into my Whole30. 

Those are my 3 goals for the duration of my boot time. I think they are doable.

I hope everyone has a wonderful Wednesday. Today SHOULD be our camper day. We shall see though!


  1. My eating has been crap this week. I need to get my head on straight. I have gained this week, which is obviously not what I want to do. I need to re-focus and meal plan for the remaining part of the week and the weekend!

  2. Sounds like some great goals! It's good that you're doing something while you're laid up. Lots of people use it as an excuse to slack and then kick themselves later for it. Good for you!

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