Mar 9, 2015

Weekend Recap

I'm not happy to see this weekend fly by as fast as it did. This is my last full week of sales season, which I like to call Hell Week, and its shaping up to be a busy one, so I need to make this quick!

Friday after work Danny, Tucker and I took off to Muncie to upgrade cell phones and switch internet providers. 3 hours later, Danny and I walked out with new phones, but we didn't take the time to get cases, screen savers or Danny's contacts even transferred. Tucker was DONE! He kept grabbing my bag and heading towards the door. So, he and I waited in the car for a while. We all went straight to bed after we got home.

Saturday we all had a productive morning. Danny took Tuck to go visit his dad while I cleaned the kitchen, started some laundry and paid bills. After they got home, Tuck took an hour and a half nap on me in the chair. It was needed. He's moved on from having a stomach bug to having green snot and just being downright fussy. Once he woke up, I got ready for Danny and I's evening out. We had a gender reveal party and a birthday party to go too. My BFF Rachael and her husband are having a BOY!

I can't wait to hear all of her stories about her rotten little boy and for Tuck to have a friend to play with! I also cheated on my No Dairy challenge. Can't pass up a cake pop.

After the reveal party, we headed to one of the bars in town for Danny's BFF's 30th birthday. We ate dinner, drank some beer and had a good time. We left early because Danny had to work and we wanted to relieve Danny's mom of babysitting at a decent time. Once Tucker finally got to bed, we did too. We were beat!

Sunday was an interesting day for Tuck and me. It started off like this.

After some breakfast, he perked up and we were able to go grocery shopping. After that, we headed to meet my mom for lunch and finish up the phone accessory shopping that got put on hold Friday night. I'm so glad we were with my mom because once it was time to leave the shopping center, Tucker began a 40 minute scream-cry fest. It has yet to be determined if it was a tantrum or something else. He didn't held or even touched, but at the same time he did. Nothing could snap him out of it. Popsicle, cell phones, his favorite song Somethin' Bad, "driving" my car which is what started the fiasco, cartoons, taking his clothes off, an offer to call Daddy or his mamaw. Nothing. 40 minutes of pure screaming and him rolling around on the floor. My mom and I were legitimately worried and were about 3 minutes away from taking him to the ER. (Naturally all of this happens when his paramedic father is at work) He finally snapped out of it and ate a Reese egg and acted like nothing ever happened. We finally left my mom's to go visit Danny and when we got there, Tucker was drenched in sweat. His carseat and jacket were soaked. Which also makes me think something was bothering him at my mom's. If it was a tantrum, it was a pretty impressive one for someone who just learned the art of throwing fits. After all that, we went home, took a bath and snuggled. Like I said, it was an interesting day.

Now, it's time for a busy week at work. Not sure how much I'll be around this week.


  1. Poor Tuck. I hope he is feeling better. My whole house has been sick since last Tuesday, everyone is taking turns.

  2. That poor little face! Hope y'all both have a better week!

  3. Oh I do not look forward to those moments of "tantrums" and not knowing what to do to fix whatever the unknown is! Poor little guy! :)