Dec 10, 2014

Weigh In Wednesday

I have mixed feelings about it being Wednesday. On one hand, the remainder of the week is insanely busy with 2 Christmas parties, doctor's appointments for Tuck on Friday along with a Christmas program, my brother's graduation and dinner with my BFF Shelby who I haven't seen since we got back from vacation. Literally, that night at 10pm I saw her for about 20 minutes. That was almost 2 months ago. But, all of that, with the exception of the appointments for Tucker, because who likes to take a kid to the doctor, should be a lot of fun. December brings total chaos, but I kind of love it.

So, it's time for Weigh-In Wednesday. I didn't participate last week since I had to be at continuing ed so early I left before the sun came up. I'm here today though.

Last weigh in (2 weeks ago): 160.2
Today's weigh in: 160.2.

Same weigh in, 3 weigh-in's in a row. You could call this a plateau. But you could call it a nice balance. The last half of last week I felt like shit and was down right exhausted. I went to bed shortly after Tucker every night. I think I did one T25 workout between Wednesday and Sunday. My body needed the rest. I slept hard each night, but that didn't keep me from waking up tired and sick still.  That's one reason I feel like the scale maybe didn't move. The other reason would be the crap I ate on Sunday. I ate more fried chicken on Sunday than I have in the last year. That was in addition to cake and biscuits and mac and cheese. Either way, plateau or balance, I'm just glad the scale didn't go up.

If you are in the midst of a plateau, one of the best ways to power through and not lose motivation is to remember your non-scale victories. I know these are huge for me. The scale freaking sucks and the best way to judge your progress is by improvement in other areas. It is so hard to mentally reverse the importance of those two.

Here are my non-scale victories as of lately:
1. I have ONE T25 workout left for the Alpha round. This is huge! Last time I put it on hold after the 3rd week due to Danny's foot injury and never picked it back up. The fact that I am thisclose to being done with the first round is a big deal. I can't wait to start the Beta round, even if I will still be following the modifier!
2. My Express jeans fit. I've been dying to slip those babies back on. They are the only jeans that look good with my black booties and I love wearing them to meetings and other things. The next jeans I'm aiming for are my BKE jeans from the Buckle. I foresee some dancing around the bedroom when those fit. They currently button, but its not pretty.
3. I felt like something was missing when I was sick. I really didn't like going to bed without working out. It threw me out of my routine, and I love routine. For 4 weeks, my nights went: dinner, Tucker's bath, play, put Tucker to bed, workout, shower, bed.
4. At Tucker's party on Sunday,  my great aunt told me I looked skinny. She doesn't just hand out compliments like that. That was a biggie.
5. Danny told me last night while I was folding some clothes that my arms looked buff. I finally noticed in the mirror this morning as I was doing my hair. He was right.

Non-scale victories are my favorite. Don't get me wrong, I love watching the number on the scale go down as well, but there is almost nothing better than putting on a pair of jeans that were once too tight and them fitting like a glove!


  1. This time of year I definitely vote "balance". Way to go :)

  2. Putting on old jeans that finally fit is the best feeling in the world. Congrats.

    New Bloglovin follower :)

  3. I know plateaus can be frustrating but I seriously consider this a huge victory... between Thanksgiving, Tucker's birthday, and all of the other holiday craziness, the fact that you've maintained is seriously impressive!