Dec 29, 2014

Christmas + Weekend Recap

I don't know about you guys, but the last half of last week left me with a Christmas hangover. And it may or may not have left me with a real hangover. Okay, yes it did.

It all started Christmas Eve. I started the day with a workout, then we had a Christmas at noon that day with part of Danny's family. That place was chaotic! 5 kids and their spouses, 10 grandkids, and 4 adults. Opening presents was a complete blur. After that stop, we went straight to church.. where Tucker peed on me. His diaper somehow moved and I suddenly felt a warm sensation on my stomach. Luckily it was after communion so I didn't feel bad about wanting to leave early. We got home, ate some dinner, opened Tucker's Christmas pjs and then he was off to bed. After he went to bed, I drank some wine, made dirt pudding, wrapped some presents and then Danny and I watched Christmas Vacation. Well, Danny watched it while I fell asleep. Typical Erin move.

Christmas morning was great! We leisurely opened gifts, ate some monkey bread muffins and lounged around watching Boston Legal (one of Danny's gifts to me) and played with Tucker's new toys. We didn't get Tuck too much this year since he just had a birthday and we're still opening those toys. He did get a pretty sweet fire truck rocker though. It's supposed to play music but it doesn't work. I'm kind of mad about it, but also kind of not. There is enough shit playing music already.

Danny got me the complete set of Boston Legal (which was my dad's favorite show. I mentioned that I wished it was on Netflix. He solved that problem for me) and this wine saver vacuum (which will come in handy now that my cheaper wine comes with a cork and not a twist cap). I got him some restaurant gift cards for date nights and some zero gravity chairs for camping this summer. So, nothing too extravagant.

After enough lounging, we got ready to go to Danny's dad's for our first Christmas of the day. We had a good time there. Tucker got spoiled, fought a nap and had tons of fun playing with his cousins. After that Christmas, it was time for Christmas with my mom, brother and his girlfriend at our house. I made cranberry pork loin (recipe HERE) and corn casserole, then everyone else filled in the rest. We were stuffed and all had leftovers, which I finally finished off yesterday. We make too much food every holiday. 

Again, Tucker got spoiled, as did Danny and I. Danny got loaded with more gift cards, and I got some cute clothes and some essential oils. I've been wanting to try a couple and I can't wait to get started. My mom got me Peppermint, Lemon and Peace & Calming. If you have any tips for those, let me know!

Friday it was just Tucker and I since Danny had to work. We played all morning, then I took him to Danny's mom's so I could get a handle on the house. In the 2 hours he was gone, I did 2 T25 workouts, cleaned the kitchen, did the dishes, straightened toys and put Christmas gifts away. I picked him up from my niece's birthday party where we stayed for a bit. He crashed when we got home so that was nice.

Saturday was a fun day. We met my mom for an early-ish dinner before going out with some friends to a bar called Saddle Up. My mom watched Tucker while we went out and we ended up staying with her. We met up with everyone at our friends brother's house for a couple of hours before heading out. We had SO much fun! As proven by the massive hangover than I am just now recovered from. 

Sunday was a lazy day for sure. I think Tucker had a touch of the flu. He got sick, all over himself in the car, and didn't eat much all day. He crashed for the night pretty early after 1/2 oz of milk and slept until 6:15 this morning. He was bright eye and bushy tailed this morning though!

That was our Christmas weekend. Now, another short week then its time for a brand new year!


  1. It sounds and looks like you guys had an awesome Christmas! Kudos to you for fitting in those workouts over the holidays! Now you've got me feeling guilty! Lol. I'd love to hear how your peace & calming oil is! That's one I've been wanting to try! I've used the peppermint for headaches (temples & back of neck) and the lemon is nice to just add a drop to my big cup of water when I don't have an actual lemon to cut up!

  2. Sounds like an exciting Christmas. I am so happy it's over with.