Dec 22, 2014

Christmas has Begun!

Although it has been Christmas season for a couple of weeks now, the family Christmas festivities have officially started as of this past weekend.

Friday I had a "Me Day" and it was wonderful! And much needed since I left work early on Thursday due to a migraine! I took Tucker to my mother-in-laws, got a workout in, showered at a leisurely pace, then headed out to get a massage and facial. An old friend did both so we chatted the whole time. While its nice to catch up with someone, I also love falling asleep during a massage. That did not happen. But she did get rid of 2 huge knots at the base of my neck, which would explain the migraine. Afterwards I wrapped up Christmas shopping, treated myself to Panera for lunch, then headed home to relax for a few before going to get Tucker. Once Tucker and I got home, we ate dinner and after he went to bed I wrapped some presents while watching a bit of tv. I was in bed by 10:15. It was great!

Saturday was a busy one. Go figure, right? My sister-in-law is a member of the Elks and Santa comes there every year to give kiddos gifts so we joined in the fun this year. Again, Tucker didn't mind Santa. 

Upon noticing that in every picture Tucker is pulling his ear, we all kind of looked at each other and said "ear infection." After Santa, we went to church and then had Christmas with Danny's mom. We gave my nephew crap about having a girlfriend, I tried to force feed my sick child and we opened gifts. We usually have a Nerf gun fight, but we skipped it this year. I got some slippers, really nice cookie sheets, and a Menards gift card to buy shelves for my new desk area that I want at home. We headed home shortly after opening gifts to get the possibly sick child in bed. He was asleep by 8:30 and then we were in bed by 9. Which was good since Tucker was up at 11:30, 12:15 and then again at 12:50. He then stayed up until almost 3 and in the middle of that stint, I made an appointment at MedCheck for the next day. It was a good thing I did, because by morning they were all gone. And I was not waiting for 3 hours.

Sunday was ROUGH. Tucker slept until 8, but 5 hours of sleep just doesn't cut it when I'm home alone with him. But we survived. We even went to the grocery to get some food for the week and the rest of our Christmas get togethers! Despite not feeling well or really eating (my normally chubby baby only ate a pancake and sausage patty during the day. He ate tons of pasta last night though!), that didn't slow him down at all. 

After a surprisingly quick trip to MedCheck, Tucker did in fact have an ear infection and we were sent home with some antibiotics. Hopefully this clears up in a couple days so he can really enjoy Christmas!

Needless to say, after yesterday I am kind of relieved that its Monday. Yesterday was a hard mom day. Now its time to wrap up some end of the year things at work and try to not eat all of the delicious cookies that I sent myself. Yes, I sent myself cookies from work. My dad did it so I figured I might as well. They arrived Saturday afternoon. I've eaten seven. SEVEN! Thank God for T25 this Christmas!


  1. Awww! Poor tucker!!! Hope he feels better soon! And hopefully you can catch up on some rest after all those busy mommy duties! Otherwise, it sounds like a great weekend! A massage sounds awefully amazing... I'm jealous! Glad you got some "me" time and some nice Christmas gifts!

  2. Glad you had a "me" day! Sounds like it was much deserved! Hope Tucker feels better!

  3. I hate when Carter gets ear infections. They normally wake him in the middle of the night and he wakes me up screaming. Christmas starts for us tomorrow night. I hope you guys have a fun and safe Christmas.