Dec 1, 2014

Holiday Giveaway for one lucky lady!

Now that it is officially December, majority of the female population is preparing for the upcoming Christmas holiday and all that it entails and will likely lose her mind in the process. The next 3-4 weeks are filled with parties, shopping, wrapping, decorating, running here, and going there all while trying to maintain some sort of balance. All of the chaos usually, and by usually I mean almost always, leaves little time to treat herself.

That is where we come in. Erin @ She's a Big Star had the idea of putting together a holiday giveaway to treat one lucky lady to AWESOME prize pack! Below are a list of bloggers who are participating and what they are contributing. I'd like to have just about all of it.

$10 Chipotle e-Gift Card from Erin @ She's a Big Star
$10 Target Card from Courtney @ From Here to Eternity
$10 Target eGiftCard from Ashlee @ Ash's Right Direction
$10 Target eGiftCard from Tia @ Hands On, Pants Off
BUXOM Mascara from Sephora from Laurie @ Stylin' Savanna
Stress, Energy & Sleep (travel-size) Lotions from B&BW from Erin @ Living a Love Song
$10 Starbucks Card from Jess @ Keeping up with The Casey's
$10 Starbucks Card from Janessa @ Running On Empty
$10 Starbucks Card from Heather @ Pretty Strong Medicine
Nail polish & Lip Gloss from Faith @ Finding Faith's Future
Earrings from Retrospection from Chastity @ A Cowboy Life
$10 Amazon Card from Steph @ Life According to Steph
$10 Starbucks Card from Stacy @ Dixie Bell Designs
$10 Brady Bands Gift Certificate from Sonya @ Healthy Sew
2 Fleurty Bands from Jasmine @ Fleurty & Fit
Leopard Print Scarf & Tech Gloves from Angela @ Mean Ang

Doesn't that sound awesome?! I know right now I could sure use a Starbucks card. Tucker has decided now that he's almost 1 he would like to start sleeping like a 2 month old again.

Head on over to Erin's blog to submit your entries into the Rafflecopter. I would link it here, but there is a baby screaming for some food and I need to save what little brain power 4.5 hours of sleep got me for 2 meetings and driving today.

Pray to the sleep gods that Tucker 1. Doesn't fight for 2 hours tonight and 2. Doesn't want to wake up and party once he is asleep.


  1. I am headed there now. I hope it's just a phase for Tuck and you get in a good sleeping pattern again.

  2. Ughh, hope he starts sleeping better so that you can start sleeping better! And yay for the giveaway... the only bad part is that we can't win! Ha!

  3. Oh my goodness! Tucker better get back on schedule soon for you you poor Mamma! :)