Dec 2, 2014

Thanksgiving Tour 2014

Yes, I just called Thanksgiving a tour, making our way around the county and even venturing into another one for a total of 4 stops. Like I said, tour. Here is how the day went. Actually, let's start with Wednesday night.

- Tucker hit the hay and I hit the kitchen. I had french toast casserole, green bean casserole and dirt pudding to make. That kept me busy until about 10:30ish when I finally cleaned the kitchen up then crawled into bed around 11 with plans to get up at 5am and do a T25 workout to give me any justification for the unhealthy amount of food I would consume the next day.

- At approximately 11:30 Tucker woke up. And by woke up, I mean racing through the house and practically bouncing off the walls. Until 2:30am. I think he had Thanksgiving Eve confused with Christmas Eve and was hoping to catch Santa. Needless to say, I pushed my alarm back to 7 and said screw it.
- Finally get up, put french toast in the oven, shower, get ready, get Tucker ready, and head to Danny's mom's for breakfast at 9am. She hosts breakfast so everyone can be there. Here is where we start the list of everything Tucker ate: eggs, hash brown casserole, a whole sausage link, half a biscuit, and a couple bites of french toast.
- Get home at 11, make green bean casserole since I couldn't the night before since I didn't have the fried onions. Also had to make a layered salad and nurse Tucker so he'd take some sort of nap. He would rather snuggle and play with his puppy brother instead.

- Danny's dad's Thanksgiving was at 1. Due to the speed cooking between stop #1 and stop #2, I was already hungry again. Apparently Tucker was too: he ate mashed potatoes, noodles, turkey, probably 1/3 of a cookie and a few bites of dirt pudding. We ate, we visited and headed to the next place. But not before stopping at home to grab the veggie tray, a pie, and the green bean casserole. Oh and to let the four legged child out.
- Get to stop #3 around 3:30. I think I had like 2 deviled eggs, while Tucker had about 15 bites of corn on the cob, a big spoonful of green beans and some cherry cobbler. Danny didn't eat anything. He was busy taking a nap.
- Leave stop #3, head to my mom's for the 4th and final stop. We got there around 5:30, hung out, realized that we didn't have any Tylenol for the teething monster that comes out at night and luckily caught my brother and his girlfriend before they got to my mom's. While waiting, Tucker ate dirt pudding, a big spoonful worth of mac and cheese (this is before we all sat down to dinner) then ate ham, some green beans and part of a roll.
- We left my mom's around 8:30. Danny and I were exhausted! Tucker was too. He was also stuffed. He drank one ounce of his six ounce bedtime bottle and slept until 7:15 the next day.

And, for the major fail of the day. I have not one single family picture from our first Thanksgiving as parents. I do have a few pictures of this turkey.

Let the holiday season madness begin!


  1. What is that contraption he is sitting in and where did you get it??

  2. Good lord he at a lot. Maybe that is the key to getting him to sleep... stuff him silly.

  3. Busy busy holiday!! I made dirt cake over Thanksgiving weekend too and I totally ate the majority of the dish! Oooops! Now that I've seen this I'll be craving it again for the next few weeks before Christmas gatherings! Haha! :)