Dec 12, 2014

Five on Friday

The really busy and fun part of the week has arrived! I'm ready to get these 2 days going! Today starts with doctors appointments for Tucker, party shopping, a Christmas program, my brother's college graduation, party prepping and then its party time. I'm likely going to want to sleep all day Sunday.

1. Last night I met a friend for dinner and got there a little early, so I went into Bed Bath & Beyond to grab some more k-cups. My mom told me a few years ago they have the best prices. She was right. They also have the best selection. Whenever I am near there I like to grab a box or two. I usually use this opportunity to try something new. This time I got 2 something news. Caramel Apple Pie and White Chocolate Mint. I just had the Caramel Apple Pie and it was so good! I'm considering a second cup of coffee just so I can try the other flavor. I'm a huge fan of flavored coffees. There are minimal calories... by minimal I mean like 6... and there is just enough flavor that it helps you not miss creamer, which has lots of calories.

2. Tucker has entered the climbing phase. He won't walk. Actually, if you hold him by his hands to help him walk, he will sit down. But put something in front of him that he can climb on and he'll do it. The other day Danny's mom got a step ladder out to clean her fan while Tucker was playing by himself thinking it would be okay. Nope.

Danny's stepdad was watching him on Wednesday and Tucker climbed in the baby doll bed. By himself. Its a blurry pic (flip phone) but you can tell he knows he's an ornery little thing.

3. We had the fire department Christmas party on Wednesday. Santa and Mrs. Claus come every year and hand out presents to the kids. Tucker did much better than I expected. I figured this was going to go one of 2 ways: He was either going to scream, or pull Santa's beard and laugh. He did neither. He was very shy about it at first, but quickly came out of his shell. And in true Tucker fashion he screamed and made himself the center of attention making everyone laugh. This kid has such a personality already. He cracks me up!

4. Our 4th Annual Egg Nog Extravaganza is this Saturday. It's an ugly sweater/Christmas outfit themed party with LOTS of beverages. I can't wait to share the pictures and outfits with you all. I got the most perfect sweater vest while in Michigan. I might actually love it so much I wear it to Christmas get togethers. It's wonderful. Here is a pic from 2 years ago. My homemade shirt and Danny's festive tie!

5. Good news: I finished T25 Alpha round yesterday morning! I felt so accomplished! I've gotten the schedule for the Beta round written in my planner with a  few tweaks to accommodate Christmas and New Years. I'm taking today and tomorrow off, since I obviously won't have a spare minute let alone 25 plus stretching, so I will start on Sunday. Starting on Sunday seemed to work out for the Alpha round so I'm going to stick with that. Turns out Monday isn't the magical day to start something new. Who knew?

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!


  1. I love flavored coffee's too. I have been in love with Harry & David's Moose Munch Coffee (k-cups). I have even been drinking it with my vanilla Shakeology and it rocks. WOOOHOOO on finishing Alpha T25. I loved when I finished a schedule. I have Tim doing PiYo with me and we are loving it so far.

  2. yay for finishing the T25! That's awesome! Impressive! I'm super jealous of this party you discuss that includes LOTS of drinks. Not fair. Lol. Good to know about BB&B with the k-cups! I'll have to check it out! I could use some yummy flavors of something!