Dec 8, 2014

Tucker's Birthday Weekend

We survived our big boy's first birthday weekend, along with his big party!

Friday after I left work I made a quick trip to the grocery to order some of the food for Tuck's party and pick up some of the drinks. I came home to dinner waiting for me in the microwave and some play time with Tuck. Danny worked overtime Friday night, so after Tuck went to bed, I parked my butt in the recliner with a  drink and some popcorn and caught up on some tv. Watching tv while Danny works used to be my favorite weekend night activity. Now, I spend my spare time working out, catching up on housework, folding laundry. Not this time though! My body needed the break. And apparently still does. I ended up going to bed before 10pm.

Saturday we were all up/home by 7:30. Danny brought breakfast home so that was nice and unhealthy! After a while we headed to get the rest of the party supplies. We decorated our tree after we got home and as we were doing that the bakery where I ordered Tuck's cake/cupcakes from called and said I should come get the stuff since they closed 15 minutes ago. Whoopsie! They were really nice about the whole thing though. Saturday night we went to the Christmas Parade in town. It. Was. Freezing! We were happy to get home and warm up!

Sunday was the big day, Tucker's 1st birthday party! I think he knew what was going on because he woke up at 5am. Oh well, I got some extra snuggle time! Everything about the party worked out perfectly! Everyone behaved/got along, I didn't forget anything, and Danny and I didn't kill each other. We had the party in our garage. It's a finished garage with heat/air, a full bathroom and basically a whole kitchen (just missing a fridge). Perfect for parties! Since it was farm themed, we had a farm themed menu: fried chicken, macaroni and cheese, cole slaw and biscuits. There was a veggie tray as well.

His cake and cupcakes turned out so stinkin' cute too. Danny's mom made the ones with the green icing, but the rest came from a bakery here in town.


Tucker had a good time.  He didn't really know what to do with the cake. I think it was because it looked so pretty and kind of like a toy. His favorite part was the cow on top, which was fondant and completely edible.  And he looooved being the center of attention!

After cake, we opened gifts. We never let him look at one particular gift too long in fear that he would stop all together.  He actually did pretty well with opening. He ripped a few pieces of paper and pulled out of a couple sheets of tissue paper along the way. He get TONS of toys! I think we're gonna pull a Holly and hold a few back for Christmas. 

It was a pretty perfect weekend! 

Now its time for a busy week. I've got a jewelry party to go to on Tuesday, the fire department Christmas party on Wednesday, a Christmas program on Friday and then my brother's graduation and our own Christmas party on Saturday, The Egg Nog Extravaganza! It'll be a busy week for sure, but so worth it!


  1. Those cupcakes and that cake were too cute. It looks like Tucker has a great birthday weekend. With that hair cut he looks so much older then 1.

  2. How fun! Great pictures! Love the last one of the three of you! That cake is just amazing! The cupcakes were pretty cute too!!! Glad it all worked out well!

  3. Super cute party! Love the animal cupcakes with grass cupcakes..clever. And don't get me started on my garage kitchen evny :)