Oct 27, 2014

Weekend Recap

I'm baaaaaack! Coming into work this morning was not as rough as I imagined, so I think that means vacation was successful!

Today I'm going to go over our weekend, then tomorrow I will get into our vacation!

Friday night we decided to hang out at home after work. We had just picked Diesel up from Danny's mom's house so we wanted to spend the evening with him. Aside from running to pick up pizza, that's just what we did. We caught up on Modern Family, ate dinner, and watched Tucker fight Indiana bedtime after using Alabama bedtime.

Saturday was a busy day and thankfully Tuck slept until 7ish due to his later bedtime! We had fire truck rides at the park that morning. Tuck got to ride up front and on top. Perks of being a firefighters kid!
Don't mind my double chin...

 After fire truck rides we went boot shopping for Danny then came home and rested up for a Halloween party! We didn't stay at the party long since Tucker was sleepy and teething and Danny had to work the next day, but it was nice to sport our first family Halloween costume. It was Danny's idea. It's hard to tell, but I'm a zoo keeper!

After the party we headed home for some playing and lounging before calling it an early night. We're all still wore out from vacation I think!

Sunday was Tuck and I's first full weekend day alone since the broken foot. It went well too! We got up, had breakfast, went to Kohls and the grocery, came home and had lunch and a nap, then went to the park for a bit. It was a pretty good day with lots of snuggles and playtime. I was able to finish up washing the vacation laundry too. Tucker also did a lot of this....

That was our weekend! Tomorrow I'll recap vacation for you and go over a couple lessons we learned while traveling with a 10 month old!


  1. Looks like a great weekend! Love the halloween costumes! Tucker is getting SO big! I can't believe he is almost a year! I remember when I first starting following you and you were pregnant! How fun!

  2. looks like you had a good relaxing weekend. I love the costume and I knew exactly what you were.... Love it.