Oct 7, 2014

Back to Normal

After 3 months, 1 week and 2 days, the Summers family is resuming our normal starting tomorrow.

Danny got the all clear to go back to work this week. I'm not so sure his foot is 100%, but it's as good as rest and therapy can get it basically.  He has been in work conditioning for the last 3 weeks and the therapist was very honest with him last week. She told him that even though he could afford to do another couple weeks of therapy, there is no way for her to replicate his job. That's what you get when you are a firefighter/paramedic. You don't know if it's going to be a little grass fire or a structure fire, or if your patient is going to be a little kid with a broken arm or a 300 pound adult who can't get off the floor and is unconscious. You just don't know.

Initially, I was nervous about Danny going back to work while he's still limping around. But, the doctor said something that eased my mind. He said that he's not going to hurt it worse, its just going to hurt. He was speaking my language. I played volleyball for 3 years under those conditions and softball for 5 when I started having back trouble.

So, now we go back to me single mommin' it 3 days/nights a week, an always changing schedule, and the possibility that Danny might have to leave in the middle of dinner.

Danny and I do so well with this schedule. We always have. For the 6 years that we've been together, he has always been a firefighter. The built in time apart. That time apart makes the time together mean so much more. It's not that I haven't enjoyed having him home every single night for the last 3 months, because it has been nice. It was under horrible circumstances though and it was an exhausting 3 months and I'm sure the extra work on my part isn't over. It's going to take some time to adjust because like I said, he's still not back to 100%. And it's going to take Danny sometime to adjust. He was getting used to being home every night and rolling out of bed at 7 and being able to come home at 3.

Our life is anything but normal. But its our normal and I am so glad to have it back!

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