Oct 30, 2014

Orange Beach Vacation: The Food

On Tuesday I talked about our drive down and the beach parts of our Orange Beach vacation. Today, I'm talking about my favorite part of vacation.

One of the parts I love most about vacation is the food. (My 6th grade math teacher held a "Restaurant Report" every Monday, and his favorite one was the one after Spring Break. This is kind of like that for me) I really need to change that about myself since I practically cried on Monday when I had to put jeans on. Anyways, I especially love vacationing near water because I LOVE seafood. I am my Daddy's daughter in that regard. He loved seafood, and I do too. Danny was excited about this part of vacation too. Our first dinner out we ate at Bubba's Seafood House. My mom, Drew and I went there when we were in OB in 2011. The food was pretty good and also pretty quick. Danny got all you can eat shrimp and made it through 2 1/2 servings before throwing in the towel. I helped him on the 3rd and it was pretty good. Tucker had more than his fair share of green beans (which was the case all week). Everyone was satisfied with their meals!

Sunday night was the most anticipated meal of the entire trip, which is also the reason I chose to run that morning: Lambert's Café. We ate like it was the only way into heaven! Once you sit your butt in the booth, food starts landing in front of you. I think I ate my weight in fried okra before I even ordered my meal. My carb loving baby enjoyed half of a roll(which is a huge roll) and some more green beans. I think Danny's favorite thing from the whole place was the macaroni and tomatoes. That's all it was. It was really good though. I'm normally not one to order country fried steak for myself, I usually bum a bite or two from someone else. I decided to get it for myself this time and I don't regret it a single bit! So delicious! We rolled out of there and immediately went to bed I think. 

Our last meal was at Sea-N-Suds. It gave me a "hole in the wall" kind of vibe, which normally means one thing: Delicious food! And delicious it was! As we were walking in we ran into an elderly couple who said they had been there 3 times in the past week. Its that good! Its located on the beach and if you get there at the right time you can sit on the patio and watch the sunset. That was our goal, but things happen and we didn't make it. Its okay though.

We went out for breakfast a couple of times. Hazels Seafood had a breakfast buffet (my favorite kind of buffet) and Another Broken Egg Café was super delicious. And also super friendly about the screaming baby who was throwing eggs and toast on the floor after he had woken his parents up at 4:30, refused to go back to sleep, then shit up his back on their first attempt to eat there that morning.

In between feasting, the girls and Tucker made a trip to the outlet mall (my mom and I went back with Danny one day) while the big boys went on a field trip to the USS Alabama in Mobile. Tucker was a champ shopping with the girls. I got some really good deals on some work shirts, some motivation jeans from Loft ($20!) a fossil purse and wallet, some workout clothes and I got some Ray Bans. I'm officially cool.  I also ran. One time. Danny and I went on a dolphin cruise with my brother and his girlfriend. I had never been on one before and it was actually really cool. I can't wait to take Tucker when he's older!

Tomorrow I will tell the epic story of our last night there and how it made for a terrible, no good, very bad drive home!


  1. Mmmmmmm! All the food! I definitely think that food is one of the best parts about vacation! That picture of you and Danny is really cute! :)

  2. I love Lamberts. There is one about 2 hours from my house in Missouri, now I think I need to take a trip there for dinner. All that other food sounded amazing and makes me hungry for more then this apple.