Oct 28, 2014

Orange Beach Vacation: Driving Down and the Beach

That long awaited and highly anticipated Orange Beach family vacation happened last week. And it was wonderful! Everything I hoped for. Well, I did hope that I would magically come back without gaining single pound but I knew that was a long shot. I'm going to break this up into groups because it just seems easier that way right now.

The Drive Down: Danny, Tucker and I left town around 4pm on Wednesday. We got 20 minutes from home and Danny realized he forgot his glasses. Back home we go to grab the glasses. I think he forgot them on purpose so he could tell Diesel bye one more time. On attempt number 2 to leave town, we ran into a minor car accident that had JUST happened. Being that there was a paramedic in the car and we were still in his departments territory, he stopped, called it in and made sure no one was in really bad shape (which everyone was fine except for some shock). Finally got on the road and I was hoping those were the only 2 hiccups we'd have. After dinner with my mom (She was riding down with us), we all slept for a few hours before hitting the road. At 12:30am we loaded in the car and off we went. We met up with my brother and his girlfriend somewhere in Kentucky and stopped at Waffle House for breakfast. Uncle Drew learned quickly that if you eat in front of Tucker, you share with Tucker.

I ended up driving for a couple of hours after breakfast. Through Birmingham at rush hour with no coffee. I would almost classify that as dangerous. About 2 hours away from our final destination, we ran into an accident. A milk truck had overturned and traffic was backed up like you wouldn't believe.

And so was my bladder. Travel Lesson: Always have something in your car that you can pee in. Thankfully, when my mom and I stopped to get coffee, she changed her mind and got a large iced tea. Because I peed in the cup in our car. Our brand new to us car that we bought on Monday. We finally got to Orange Beach around 3 or 4.

The Beach & Pool: Growing up I was never a huge beach fan, but as an adult I love the idea of the beach. Sitting, relaxing, people watching and having a beverage.

Yeah, no. As an adult with a baby that just doesn't work out. Tucker wasn't a huge beach fan the first 2 beach days. The sand felt weird, tasted weird and he just wasn't a fan. Travel Lesson: The baby powder sand trick on Pinterest is not a joke and does work! He LOVED the pool though! Finally, on the 3rd beach day, I figured out how to combine the beach and the pool. A bucket of water for him to splash in. Travel Lesson: Never attempt the beach without beach toys. We didn't have toys until the second day so the first day was a hot mess.
WTF is this?!

Like I said, he LOVED the pool. Even though it was like ice water. Much, much colder than the pool at the Y.

That's all I've got time for today! My to-do list at work isn't going to finish itself. Tomorrow I'm jumping back into Weigh-In Wednesday, then Thursday I'll talk about the food we ate, other vacation fun and the wonderful drive home. Stay tuned!


  1. Baby powder in the sand?! Never heard of it! Going on road trips and having to piss in the car is one of the worst feelings! I've never done it but my husband does all the time. I think it's weird. Lol.

  2. I am going to have to looking to this baby powder thing. It seems kids always gravitate to the pool.... no beach kid you have to love the beach. I can't wait to hear more about your travels... and I so would have peed in a cup. What am I saying, if we were stopped I would have just got out and peed on the side of the road, I have no shame but I do have a small bladder.