Oct 15, 2014


My long awaited week and a half break from work is just hours away. Actually, I've been mentally gone for the whole day. I came to work and plowed through my to-do list like I would win millions if I got done by 10:30. I got done by 10:30, but so far no one has shown up with my winnings yet. Either way, this is where I'm at now.

I'm not completely naïve in thinking that I will be doing nothing but laying by the pool or in a chair on the white sandy beach. I haven't forgotten that I have a 10 month old.

Even though I'll still be up at 6 and a slave to the tiny human, it'll still be nice to not have 100 emails/day to respond to or read and choose to ignore until a later date , phone calls, paperwork, or anything work related.
So, for now, I am off! I doubt there will be much blogging since I do that at work, but I'm sure I'll be posting on IG (erinshell10) so you can still keep up with us!

Until then, leave your favorite vacation destinations in the comments, because I'm sure upon my return to work, this will be me.

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