Dec 5, 2016

Weekend Recap

This weekend was quite busy. This next one will be too, but both are super fun!

Friday night our little fam hit up the Christmas parade in town.

We met a friend and her little boy to watch with them. This is a parade that Danny is used to driving in, so it was interesting being on the sidewalk and not in an ambulance or fire truck, but also pretty nice too! Danny had to leave about halfway through to go work overtime at his new department. I say new like he hasn't been working there for 5 months. After the parade, Tucker and I went over to our friends' house so the boys could play together and the mamas could eat pizza and talk to adults. It was lovely. We left way past our bedtimes, which was 8:45 so we went home and went straight to bed.

Saturday was insane! Its best if I bullet list our day:
- Breakfast with Santa: We ate pancakes, played foosball, colored a Christmas tree (sort of) and sat on the big guy's lap. Tucker actually did this! I was so shocked since he wouldn't let go of my hand until he got right in front of him. He even told Santa that he wanted a puppy carrier. I about cried and can't wait to get the picture back!
- Party shopping: we got drinks and paper goods at the dollar store in town for Tucker's birthday party
- Work for a few: Tucker had them laughing the whole time. We talked insurance for about 5 minutes over the whole 30 that they were here while the rest of the time was spent at Tucker's restaurant.
- Grocery store: food for the party and the week. But only after mama used naptime to her advantage and picked up a snickerdoodle hot chocolate from Starbucks. Go get one now and thank me later.
- Home to unload groceries, clean up the garage, bake one of Tucker's cakes, clean up the garage some more, make green bean casserole, and get ready for a Christmas party.
- Danny's fire department Christmas party: This was our first party with the new department and it was a lot of fun. Totally different than what we were used too (about 3x more people and the old party used to include the police department). The other cool part was Santa. The old party had a Santa and Mrs. Claus, but this department has a firefighter Santa! I absolutely loved this. His gear even said "NPFD" and it made me love it even more!

My firefighter was given a 10 Year pin for 10 years in the fire service. 

He makes me so proud! And I love that I've been part of 9 of the 10 years.

We played some bingo. I even won a round and the prize was a carbon monoxide detector. Raise your hand if you're surprised that this is a prize at a fire department party...yeah, me neither.Tucker made himself right at home and helped call out numbers for Bingo. 

After a few hours of fun and meeting all of Danny's new coworkers we headed home. Tucker didn't fight going to bed at all which was nice. I stayed up party prepping, moving Pooch(the Elf) and wrapping presents. I was too tired to even watch TV when I got done and if you've been around this blog for any time at all then you know I was tired!

Sunday was our big boy's 3rd birthday! We have a 3 year old and I am in such disbelief. I'll recap his birthday and party on Wednesday!

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  1. I seriously can't believe Tucker is 3 already...