Dec 7, 2016

Tucker's 3rd Birthday

It's been 3 days since he turned a whole year older and I am still in disbelief that he is 3 years old. For his 3rd birthday, Tucker wanted a Paw Patrol birthday. I randomly asked him what he wanted one day in September and he said that which was pretty predictable of him at the time. The next month I asked him again just to be sure and he said he wanted a Shopkins birthday. His cousin was obsessed with these things and he wants to be just like her, so Tucker loves them too. I decided to just do both things. It was Paw Patrol heavy, but there were Shopkins balloons and cupcake picks. Both of which I made since Shopkins decorations are impossible to find in a store.

Originally we were going to do a nacho bar. Tucker loves nachos and so do I so it sounded good. After the Thanksgiving marathon I decided that sounded pretty overwhelming and scrapped it. I just did chips, 2 kinds of dip (spinach artichoke and cheese dip) and a veggie tray. I made the cakes because I'm cheap and that box cake trick on Pinterest is golden. I'll probably stick to my day job, but I am getting better!

Tucker's big birthday present was a bounce house. A friend was selling theirs on Facebook a few months ago and we couldn't pass it up. I mean, I was going too because I didn't think Danny would think it was necessary but then he called me asking if we should/could buy it haha. We bought it and hid it at Danny's dads. Tucker couldn't believe it when he walked in the garage and saw it. It's kind of like a gift for us too since I was able to blow it up Monday night and walk on the treadmill while he bounced.

The other favorite gift was a Paw Patrol trike from my mom. He got tons of other great gifts.  I told a friend of mine that he put a purple whistle on his Christmas list. She found a purple whistle for him along with a shirt that says "my aunt said I could." Sweet of her, right?

Tucker had a pretty great birthday overall. Time is flying by and I can't believe he is old enough to start preschool next year. I love him being little but I'm also excited about him getting older. We have real conversations, he can help me cook and bake, and he's able to do tasks for us like letting the dog outside and take his dishes to the sink. He seems like such a big kid now and it is very bittersweet.
Oh, and he sneezed on the cakes right after this picture was taken.

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