Dec 21, 2016

Weekend Recap + 27 weeks!

The last few days at work have been pretty busy playing catch up. The phones have been quiet, so I've been taking advantage of getting caught up on things I've been letting slide.

Friday was a really relaxed night. Tucker fell asleep on the way home from my mother-in-laws (its a 4 minute drive) and was snoring. I got him in the house, put a pull up on him and he slept until 5:30 Saturday morning. I got 5 free hours to myself that night. It was strange. I talked my brother into picking up Chinese for me too. I was thisclose to calling my newly licensed 16 year old nephew. Desperation is what you call that.

Saturday was of course an early day. We made cookies and a Christmas tree out of a paper plate. Again, I am certain I chose correctly when I didn't go into the education field.

Danny got home and we left soon after to drop Tucker off at my mom's so they could have a sleepover and we could finish our shopping for the boy. Target. Was. Packed! Seriously, parking lot was full all the way to the back. By some miracle we got a spot right in the first row. Danny only glared at a few people during our short trip so I call it a win. After a yummy (and fat) dinner at Chili's we headed home. I made my nephews' Christmas gifts. They are 16 and 13 so money is the most wanted gift. I don't like to just give them cash though. Last year I did money mazes that I found on Amazon. This year I did money trees and I love how they turned out. 

I started a new tradition this year after a cousin shared a picture of my dad on Facebook. This time of year he would tip big for pizza delivery guys. Like order 1 or 2 pizzas, give them a $100 bill and tell them to keep the change. A bartender in town commented on the picture and said she didn't see him often but when she did it was always around Christmas and he would do what I just explained. I had no idea this was something he did throughout town. And I love it. That was my dad. He was very quiet when he did things like that. I've decided that every Christmas season, I am going to do the same thing and it was the Chili's waitress's lucky night. It felt really good.

I was up early on Sunday despite the human alarm clock being gone. I watched Gilmore Girls, wrapped some presents, ate 1st breakfast, and wrapped more presents. Danny and I went to breakfast before he headed down to get the child. Once they were home we lounged, made our desserts, and headed to Danny's mom's for Christmas with her. Tucker was a grouch so Danny's grandpa started messing with him. It's so nice to watch the 2 of them interact. Danny's grandpa just turned 92 in October so every holiday with him is extra special. 

Now for the bumpdate!

Baby size: cauliflower
Any symptoms?  Heartburn after every single meal. I don't care what it is. Sore back. Tired. Nausea was back but is giving me a break so that's wonderful!
Favorite part this week? I can SEE her kicking and moving. Same as last week but still just as awesome!
Least favorite part this week? I've been kind of emotional.
Boy or Girl? GIRL!
Names? Charlee Danielle. Or Chuck as Tucker likes to call her.

It's been a pretty calm week pregnancy wise. I have an appointment with my OB in an hour. I could tell she was on the verge of talking to me about my weight gain last appointment, but since it was the day before Thanksgiving I think she held off. I have a feeling I'll get lectured today. And I deserve it. I have been eating very badly and have not been exercising the way I had planned on. This pregnancy has been much more difficult emotions wise than with Tucker, so I've been focused more on that. Having a toddler that wakes up at least once per night and a dog that does the same but at a different time has also led to broken sleep, so the energy needed to function and exercise just isn't there. I will say the lack of exercise and eating right has me pretty motivated to get it together once Charlee is here and we get our bearings. I am planning on cleaning my eating up a bit after the holidays, whether I get told too or not.

Now, I am off to my appointment then to a lunch Christmas party with the agency I sell insurance for but don't own.


  1. What a sweet memory of your dad and so awesome of you to carry that on! We like to do something nice and a little extra around the holidays like that too. Love baby girls name! Is it pronounced like "Charlie"? Or is there more enmaphsis on the "Chaaaar"? If that makes sense. Lol.

  2. That is a sweet memory of your dad and that you are planning on carrying on the same tradition.