Dec 13, 2016

Weekend Recap + 26 Weeks

Two posts in one due to a random stomach bug invading my body on Sunday. I. Felt. Horrible! All day long. And felt bad yesterday until about bedtime.

This weekend was pretty busy. Friday night we had our nieces' and nephew's Christmas program. Tucker fell asleep in the middle of it and peed on my lap a little bit, so we left early. Poor kid was that tired and bored. After every song he asked if they were going to sing more haha. I'm very interested to see how he handles his own Christmas programs starting next year. He slept through leaving, getting in the truck, getting out of the truck, and getting a pull-up put on him. With a  brief wake up that snuggles from Daddy fixed, he slept until 6:15 the next morning. Danny prepped his chili for our party and I relaxed since I knew Saturday would be rough on my pregnant self.

Saturday was our busy day. We headed out pretty early to finish up Egg Nog Extravaganza shopping. We were going to hit up Hobby Lobby and the grocery store, but I decided to give Meijer a shot and see if I could get both stops done in one. I was successful and thankful I went there since I found this beautiful skirt.

It was a little snug but still a perfect piece of clothing for our annual Christmas party. I'll be wearing it again next year.

Tucker and I went to my great aunt's to visit with family and eat. And since it is the month that Tucker opens presents every week, he got his birthday present from my aunt and uncle. Their children are grown and they don't have any grandchildren in the near future (well, planned ones anyways) so they LOVE when they get the opportunity to shop for Tucker. And since they have 2 girls, my uncle jumps at the chance to play with "boy" toys.

We left the gathering and Tucker left to go to a basketball game and his mamaw's with the babysitter and his cousins. Then it was party time! This sign was also purchased at Meijer and perfect for our party.

It never got rowdy, which is how I like it haha. I ate way too much and stayed up way too late. I also made too much food. But, a group that showed up went to dinner before so I blame them.

Aren't our matching ties cute?

Sunday was my sick day. I was on the couch, in bed, or in the recliner, with the exception of when I had to pee and get sick, from 7am-8pm. It wasn't until 4pm that I determined I was sick sick and not just pregnancy sick. Its hard to tell these days.

Now for the bumpdate: 26 freaking weeks. Unbelievable. If she is like her brother, I have 10 weeks left. 10 WEEKS! And her room looks like this.

Baby size: hothouse cucumber... now what that is, I have no idea.
Any symptoms?  Nausea is here again. Heartburn is here. My whole body is sore all the time. I get out of breath easily.
Favorite part this week? I can SEE her kicking and moving.
Least favorite part this week? Being sick
Boy or Girl? GIRL!
Names? Charlee Danielle. Or Chuck as Tucker likes to call her.

As I've mentioned I was sick with a  stomach bug on Sunday and yesterday. I was able to keep water down the entire time, but never able to eat. With pregnancy nausea I can usually force myself to eat because lack of food is either the cause or it will help. That wasn't happening on Sunday. In the time I was awake I had a dinner roll, an apple, a bagel, and 5 bites of pasta. That's not much for me who eats like 5 meals a day. Yesterday I was able to eat more, but it was mostly bread or pasta still. Today I was able to eat an egg sandwich and drink some coffee, so I am on the upswing. Charlee has been moving around like normal the entire time since I started getting sick on Sunday so I've known she was okay and never got worried about her.

Not much else is happening right now. Just trying to get through this week since I have a class tomorrow and meetings the next 2 days. Our first Christmas celebration is on Sunday. I still have one more 2 more gifts to put together and wrapping to do. It'll be fine.

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