Dec 15, 2016

My Christmas Wish List

Like I do  most years, I struggled to come up with a Christmas list. I usually try to keep a running list of things I want in my phone, but then the ADD kicks in and I forget it's there or forget to put things on it as they pop into my head. This year was no different with pregnancy brain. So, it is kind of random. Practical, but random.

1. New Skecher GOwalks. I fell in LOVE with these shoes when I bought them last summer for our trip to Alaska. They were perfect for that and they are perfect to wear running errands. I like to get a neutral color that I can pair with almost any outfit. I leave the fun patterns and colors to Toms!

2. Vest. I took a note from Tucker's list this year and asked for one too. I get really hot really easily, even when not pregnant, so a vest would probably be a good thing for me to have.
3. New diaper bag. The inside of the bag we had with Tucker ripped, so I'm using that as an excuse for a newer, cuter one. Not too cute of course since Danny will be carrying it too. I found this one that he gave his approval on.

4. Gift cards to Michaels and Hobby Lobby. My office just had some work done to it and currently looks like this.
I've been in that office for 6 years and the most I've done to "make it mine" is insert a few new picture frames and instead of having my senior picture hanging up, I have a picture of Tucker hanging. Since it is waiting to be put back together, I am going to take advantage and add some Erin touches too it.  The gift cards will be used to decorate my office and my house.
5. A new water bottle - Danny broke the plastic tab that makes it easy to remove the lid off from my current one. I can make do with it still, but I just needed something to put on my list for his mom since she doesn't like to give just gift cards or money.
6. PJ's and slippers - I didn't actually put these on the list, but I picked out a set of pj's and a pair of slippers and handed them to Danny's mom when we were in Michigan.
7. I asked my mom to fill in the rest of what she normally spends with a  gift card to Dick's so I can purchase new shoes once Charlee is here and my feet aren't as fat. I've had my current shoes for 2 years so it is time to replace them.
8. Diamond earrings from Danny. Last year I decided for Christmas I am just going to start telling him the type of gift I would like and let him work out the details of it. I wear a minimal amount of jewelry every day and my small ears can only handle stud earrings or very lightweight dangly (this must actually be a word since there isn't a red squiggly line) ones. They are also becoming more sensitive in my old age of 27 and cheap ones make them itch. Time for the wife to get some nice ones.
I never give Danny's dad and stepmom a list. I welcome the gift card they give me with open arms. With that I plan to buy a Keurig for the camper. And maybe some Hunter boots in either black or navy blue.
Now that I've compiled a list of everything I've asked for, the most wanted item this year is shoes. I should probably work on getting the pairs I do own off of my closet floor.

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