Dec 28, 2016

Christmas 2016

Christmas is a bit more relaxed for us than Thanksgiving. Christmas gets spread out over a week or so. Thanksgiving happens in a matter of 2 days. On Christmas Eve, we had Christmas with Danny's extra family and my family.

I skipped Christmas Eve with the extra family so I wouldn't get anyone else sick. I still didn't feel great and my appetite wasn't back, but I'm not sure I was contagious. Plus there are 9 other kids there, 3 of which are sick all the time. I didn't want to take any chances. I missed the following things:
1. Tucker calling everyone a "pest"
2. He grabbed one of Danny's brother's beards and looked him in the eyes and said "you're pissing me off"

Honestly, I wouldn't have been very effective during those moments. Number 1 would have irritated me and Number 2 would have made me laugh so hard I would have to leave the house. I don't handle children cursing appropriately. It's not my fault because as soon as I showed my mom and brother the text from Danny they both laughed too.

Another reason I wanted to skip the first party was so I could feel better for Christmas with my mom, brother and his wife. I was able to eat dinner which was nice. That was my first try at eating something other than toast so I was nervous. After dinner it was time for presents. We were all spoiled, especially Tucker. He tore through his presents in record speed (further proving that he is my child) then went back through to look at them. He got a really cool Marshall dog that moves and talks, skates, a Paw Patrol scooter and some clothes. He asked for the skates, but wasn't really a fan once he had them on.

After dinner and presents it was time to go home and get ready for Santa! We put food out for the reindeer then opened our family pajamas. I seriously love this tradition! They don't match exactly, but they are well coordinated!

Christmas morning was wonderful. Danny's new fire chief offered to work for him that morning to give him some extra time at home. His shift normally starts at 7am, but that morning he didn't have to be there until 10am. We opened presents and stockings from Santa. Tucker's favorite Santa gift was a puppy carrier with 2 puppies inside. Mommy's favorite gift was new diamond earrings :)


After presents, I started our monkey bread and about burnt the house down. We also showed Tucker his present from us, which was a ride-on tractor. It didn't take him long to get it figured out and he rode it every chance he got Christmas Day!

My mom stopped by to see us and Tucker's presents before she headed home. It worked out well that she did so I could get ready, deal with my sister-in-law catching my stomach bug, and we could get a family pj picture. 

Next was Christmas at Danny's dads. I ate way too much. Like so much I didn't eat again until the next morning. We ate at 1:30 haha. After presents there, we hung out for a bit then headed home so we could load up again and go see Danny at work, where he and Tucker played with Tucker's new remote control fire truck. 

As soon as we got home, it was back to the garage for more tractor riding. We literally didn't go in the house, just straight to the garage. 

Christmas was exhausting but so much fun once I felt better! I can't wait to experience the madness next year with a  4 year old and 9 month old! That will be something!

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  1. Christmas with little ones is so much more fun! Glad you were feeling better! Yay for diamond earrings! Way to go Danny! Tucker's tractor looks so fun! I would have probably laughed at Tucker's "your pissing me off comment"! Lol