Dec 6, 2016

25 Weeks

Well this last week flew by! I swear I'm going to blink and December will be over.

Baby size: rutabaga
Any symptoms?  nausea is back more often than not. sore back, sore boobs, sore everything. heartburn. pregnancy brain has been awesome.
Favorite part this week? The kicks and movements are getting stronger by the day. We decided on her name!
Least favorite part this week? the nausea being back
Boy or Girl? GIRL!
Names? And her name is.... Charlee Danielle.

Deciding on her name was most certainly the highlight of the week. In the beginning of November we started out with a list of 4 names: Lexi, Aubrey, Charlee, and Hadley. Hadley quickly got removed because it just didn't feel like it fit. Its a beautiful name, just not for us. Danny never loved Aubrey like I did, but I kept testing it and saying it for another week or so. We both finally decided it was really just down to Lexi and Charlee since the night we made the list. We were STUCK and loved them both equally. We realized there wasn't any real rush other than we wanted to start calling her by her name and not just baby or whatever name we were testing that day. We tested Charlee for a week or two then moved onto Lexi. I used Lexi in one sentence and the look on Danny's face said Charlee was her name haha. I've loved it ever since Danny suggested it because it surprised me. I've always been a fan of it but never mentioned it because it didn't seem like the kind of name he would like. I felt very strongly about using the name Daniel or Danielle from basically the moment we had Tucker's name picked out. It's too convenient that my husband and dad share the same first name and using that name now is even more special since my dad isn't here. Our families love it and more importantly, we love it.

Tucker is also calling her Chuck sometimes. How he knows that Chuck is short for Charles/Charlie is beyond me, but he randomly called her Chuck. Danny's mom thinks its from Charlie Brown but I've never watched a Charlie Brown with him so maybe she has.

Danny gave me my first shot last week. For someone that's been wanting to stick a needle in me for the last 5 years he sure was nervous! He did a pretty good job and I'll let him keep doing it. I'm starting to experience some of the side effects of Makena. Mostly just itching and swelling in my right butt cheek. The left has been alright throughout so I'll be getting the next couple on that side.

Finally, I ordered the cutest little cow outfit for her about a month ago and it arrived yesterday. I loooove it and Tucker was pretty excited about it too!


  1. I love the name. Tim and I loved that name for a girl but we had our reasons for not picking it... doesn't matter anyway, we have all

  2. Oh my word, I LOVE her name, and it seriously fits your family perfectly!!!