Nov 28, 2016

Thanksgiving Weekend

My body is glad weekend is over. I ate and did way too much!

I took Wednesday off so I could go to a couple of appointments: hair and OB. We went dark this time. Real dark! It took a couple days for it to really grow on me but I'm starting to love it!

OB appointment went well. I had a feeling she would mention my impressive weight gain. By impressive I mean I think I've gained a ton so far. But she didn't. I love her. The rest of the day and evening was spent getting ready for Thanksgiving and hanging out with my Danny, Tucker and my mom. And resting up for the marathon.

Thanksgiving Day started at 5:40 am. Not because I had a turkey go prep or anything, but because that's what time Tucker got up. It allowed me to leisurely start the day though, which was nice since I was on my own except for the first stop since Danny had to work. I cooked my French toast casserole while I showered and got ready, then we headed off to Danny's mom's house for Stop #1 at 9am. Breakfast was delicious and Tucker had a great time. After a couple of hours there, we went home to rest before Stop #2 at 1pm at Danny's dad's, where I brought my famous dirt pudding for the occasion.  We had lots of laughs and ate way too much at this stop. We left around 3:30 so we could make a pumpkin dump cake for Stop #3 at 6. We got home and got to work. Tucker helped me with nearly every step and he did a pretty good job listening. I would tell him "don't pour until I tell you too" and he would say "okay tell me too" just about every time. Stop #3 was a lot of fun and Tucker had a great time playing with all of his cousins over there. Left not long after eating because I was just done. Solo parenting 3 Thanksgivings with a  toddler at 23 weeks pregnant was tough on this mama! We had a pretty great day though!

I was exhausted on Friday! We made a trip to CVS (the extent of our Black Friday shopping), made a couple desserts to take to Thanksgiving with my mom, brother and sister-in-law, and visited with some friends. We left for Thanksgiving at my mom's a little early so Tucker could get a nap in. We had a delicious meatloaf Thanksgiving dinner at my mom's per the request of my brother. He also requested a dessert that I made for 4th of July that was themed for that holiday. It's pretty delicious so I didn't mind making it.

Again, I was exhausted on Saturday and Tuck and I were on our own for the day since Danny had to work again. We went to Hobby Lobby to get some Christmas decorations and Target for some Christmas shopping. After a quick lunch at Burger King, we headed to a friend's new shop in town. She's been making homemade soaps and such for a few years and opened a store this weekend. It is adorable and smells heavenly! The rest of the day and night was spent relaxing, rearranging the mudroom and some more relaxing.

Sunday started off with church and was followed by a trip to see Moana with my nieces. I gave each of my 3 nieces a trip to the movies for Christmas last year and until yesterday, I had only taken 1 haha. I loved giving them that gift, but next year will be too difficult to do it again with a baby so I'm giving the older girls money and picked up an extra toy for the 7 year old. After the movie, I relaxed at home with my guys before we headed out to get our Christmas tree. We actually got the tree that I found! Danny unloads these trees when they make it to the place that sells them, so he thinks of himself as a Christmas tree expert and doesn't trust me to pick one out. But not this year! I spotted a perfect tree for our living room.

After it was loaded up we headed to Danny's grandpa's annual Christmas dinner. We ate (way too much again!), visited and headed home. I got kind of dizzy during dinner so I spent my night on the couch and crawled into bed at 8:30.

Like I said, it's a good thing this weekend is over! Next year will be a repeat but instead of a pregnancy (hopefully) I'll have a second kid to tote around!

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