Nov 22, 2016

23 weeks!

I can't believe it's already time for another one of these bumpdates! With the holidays here, I'm going to blink and I'll be doing my 3rd trimester bumpdates. Unbelievable!

Baby size: large mango
Any symptoms?  heartburn, pregnancy brain, sore boobs. The weak gag reflex is back and it's looking like the nausea might be too. Awesome, right?
Favorite part this week? Feeling kicks and wiggles on the outside
Least favorite part this week? the gagging
Boy or Girl? GIRL!
Names? Our list of 3 has been narrowed to 2, but we are 99% sure what Baby Goofy's name is!

I'm not too thrilled with the nausea being back. I had to get out of the shower this morning to get sick. Not fun first thing in the morning! I'm really hoping it cools its jets since there is a lot of eating to do Thursday! I was uncomfortably pregnant the last time I was pregnant during the holiday, so I was looking forward to eating with no regrets haha.

The pregnancy brain has been awesome. I started a load of laundry on Saturday morning and never got around to moving it to the dryer. So I washed it again Sunday morning. Late Sunday afternoon, okay so it was more like Sunday evening, when I went to move it to the dryer to start another load of laundry I noticed the clothes weren't wet. I thought maybe the washer was too full, so I took some out. As I was removing the clothes from the top, I noticed they smelled. Not like a mildew-y smell from sitting in the washer all day, but a sweat smell (they were Dannys). As I closed the lid to go tell Danny our 4 year old washer was broke, I noticed the setting was on "Drain & Spin" and that I had not actually washed the clothes either time I attempted to wash them. I shut the lid and went to bed.

That's it for this week! Hopefully next week I can reveal this girl's name!

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  1. My pregnancy brain never left... 3 boys and a husband I think it is safe to say my brain is fried. lol