Nov 15, 2016

22 weeks!

I didn't do a bumpdate post last week due to my schedule being so busy. Tuesday was the day that my car battery died on me twice so that took a total of 3 hours of my time. Oh well! I'm in that beautiful window of time where there really isn't much going on anyway. My weight gain has slowed (thank you, Jesus) and the bump is just growing too. I'm not sure I would say I have more energy, but I do feel a bit more like myself these days.

Baby size: spaghetti squash
Any symptoms?  heartburn, pregnancy brain, sore boobs, headaches. My hands have started swelling. Riding in the car for anything more than 40ish minutes causes me to have to take my wedding ring off. Walking for 15 minutes also does the same. My back is killing me so that's fun.
Favorite part this week? Buying Baby Goofy all the clothes. Seriously.
Least favorite part this week? the back pain.
Boy or Girl? GIRL!
Names? We have a short list people and are testing them in everyday conversation! Sunday night Danny was all about talking names so I took advantage of it and we have a list of 3 potential first names.

As I mentioned, not much is happening right now. I'm slowly prepping. I've gone through Tucker's totes of clothes and pulled out what could be used for a girl. I found a pair of little camo pants that I think will look adorable with a pink or light yellow onesie. Of course all the firefighter pj's will be used and a few firefighter shirts too.

I also bought sheets for her mattress.  I'm not going to get too ambitious when it comes to decorating her room. We are in deep discussions about moving (just houses, not towns) and it would happen in the spring shortly after Baby Goofy arrives. Because of that, I'm just going to redo a dresser for her like I did Tucker and that might be it. I'll put stuff on the walls in the new house if we end up moving.

Progesterone shots are still going well.  I only have to go in for 2 more and then they can be done at home! One of the two left to do at the doctor is at the same time as my next appointment so I'll be there anyways.

That's all for this week!

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  1. I can't believe you are 22 weeks already... so I know I have all boys but I have a few really super cute shops that I think you would LOVE if you would like me to share those links with you... I may be a boy mom but I am a girl aunt (zero nephews).