Nov 1, 2016

20 Weeks

How did this "halfway point" get here so fast? I put that in ""'s because I'm betting on baby girl arriving at least a couple of weeks early. The fact that I am 20 weeks today is blowing my mind and reality is setting in that I need to get started on prepping for this baby sooner rather than later.

Baby size: small cantaloupe
Any symptoms?  Heartburn is here. My back is really starting to not handle being on my feet a lot, but that may be due to poor footwear choices. Those are the biggest pains. Of course Danny's biggest pain is the pregnancy brain but that's another post for another day.
Favorite part this week? finding out that Baby Goofy is a girl!
Least favorite part this week? swelling in the car Friday and then having to pee 3 times in the middle of the night from drinking water to help the swelling was not fun.
Boy or Girl? GIRL!
Names? So far I've found 2 or 3 that Danny is a fan of. I've rattled off no less than 100 names since Thursday. We'll come up with one sooner or later.

I have exercised a great amount of restraint over the last 5 days. Kohl's sent me a nice $15 reward this morning and some Carter's sets were on sale. As I was perusing the website trying to make my selections, I felt a kick. She's gonna be a shopper like her mama! The site wouldn't let me place my order so that's my first order of business once I'm done with this. Which is funny since I just told Danny on Saturday that I was trying to wait until my Michigan trip, which is next weekend, to start buying for her. I'm a big fat liar.

That's pretty much it. No real appointments until November 23rd, just progesterone shots on Thursdays until then.

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  1. Typing a blog post before placing the order shows a lot of restraint - lol. I can't believe you are half way already... it seems just like yesterday you told me.