Nov 14, 2016

Weekend Recap - Frankenmuth

Hi! I wasn't around last week. My mornings at work were busy. Definitely a good busy though! Except for the dead battery in a city 30 minutes away. It was even more busy since I was leaving for the weekend.

Friday morning I took off with Danny's mom and sister for our annual shopping weekend in Frankenmuth, Michigan. This was our 6th trip and my second being pregnant. This trip was much easier to handle than the last pregnant trip since I was 32 weeks pregnant on that one. Once we arrived in Frankenmuth/Birch Run, we stopped at the outlet mall first. We got our coupon books and hit a couple of stores. I don't think we bought anything during this couple of hours, which is unusual. We loaded up to go back to the hotel to eat dinner and have a couple of drinks before heading to Bronners. The bartender made me a Shirley Temple.

After drinking lemon-lime seltzer water for a year, Sierra Mist and Sprite are way too sweet! My main goal for Bronner's was an Elf on the Shelf. Tucker will be 3 in a few weeks so I think he'll have fun with it. I'm excited to see if I can pull this off every night!

Saturday was the big shopping day. We hit the outlet mall around 9:15 for the early bird special at Wilson Leather. I scored this awesome purse and a light grey wallet for $45 total. Its my favorite purchase for myself of the weekend.

With my stockpiled Old Navy rewards, I managed to get $315 worth of clothes for $50. All nieces and nephews got their clothes gift, I got a few transitional shirts for after Baby Goofy arrives, Danny got a 3/4 zip sweater (they are his fave) and Baby Goofy got some clothes. Tucker didn't get anything because a package from ON arrived for him last Tuesday with fall/winter clothes. Baby Goofy obviously got the most clothes this weekend. These little numbers being the cutest.

We are going to Orange Beach next October and she'll need bathing suits! I got each of these for about $6. Much cheaper than the $15-20 I would have to pay if I waited until summer to get them! I lost my credit card for a brief period of time. It was missing for approximately 5 hours before I noticed. About 3 minutes after I canceled it, we remembered my purse dumped over and it could easily be under the seat it the van. And it was.

Sunday we hit up the last section of the outlet mall that we needed. I got 6 shirts and 2 pairs of yoga pants from the maternity store. I am set on shirts to get me through the rest of this pregnancy I think. I MIGHT need another pair of pants, but I might be able to get by without.  Since my bump arrived much sooner this time, I have needed more clothes.  Plus I am going to be pregnant during more of the cold months this time. After a quick lunch we hit the road to go home. We got home around 6:30 and I was so excited to see my guys!

Now, the rest of my shopping will be done from the comfort of my desk chair!

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