Nov 21, 2016

Weekend Recap

This was a pretty productive weekend, which is always a positive the weekend before Thanksgiving!

I took Friday off work to take my mom to an appointment. She did really well, so I had the afternoon to myself. I FINALLY after 8 months, got the last crate for our shelves for the mudroom painted. Now it's up to Danny to finish the project. While I had some time to myself, I cleaned out some of Tucker's toys to donate to the hospital's peds floor and took a nap. That night, Danny, Tucker and I had family movie night. I think I went to bed shortly after Tucker did and so did Danny since he had to work. But not before these 2 picked out stuff  on the computer for their mini farm that Danny is building.

Saturday it was just Tuck and me. He slept until 7:30 and once he was up we went to a new shop in town to get a donut. After our donut we went home for some warmer coats and headed out to Wal-Mart to look at some toys so I know what to tell Santa to get Tucker... aka show him a $275 ride on tractor in hopes that it will work instead of the $400 fire truck. It was a success. We started getting decorations for Tucker's birthday and grabbed a couple Christmas presents while we were there. Minus a gift card and some cash, I have Christmas shopping for nieces and nephews DONE! We made a turkey puppet when we got home and confirmed that I would be a horrible preschool teacher.

We went over to my brothers to eat with him and my mom. Since Danny and I have yet to move out of my brother's house completely (the house I grew up in that Danny and I lived in for 2 years), Tucker played with some of Danny's legos. He had so much fun with them and played for nearly an hour by himself.

I could tell Tucker was tired when we were leaving, so we go pj's on and snuggled in the chair while we watched a movie. Tucker made it halfway through before falling asleep. He rarely falls asleep in my lap so I enjoyed every minute.

Sunday was a busy day. We had Christmas pictures with the cousins. We made it out without anyone crying so it was a success. Tucker was a total ham, which isn't a surprise at all.
He also couldn't look more like his Daddy if he tried!
The rest of the day was spent at a Lu La Roe party, helping a friend pack, visiting with my father-in-law and making dinner. By 6:30, I was wiped and could hardly move.
Now it's time for a short week and then the annual Thanksgiving marathon. Its my first solo Thanksgiving as a mom since Danny works Thanksgiving and I get to do it with an almost 3 year old while 23 weeks pregnant. Pray for me.

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  1. I have my boys and nieces and nephews done too... it is a nice feeling. Now the few adults I have and I will be done... then to start on my ornaments. Tucker is starting to look so much like daddy.