Apr 8, 2015

Weigh-In Wednesday:4/8/15

Some exciting stuff happened yesterday. Our new home away from home on wheels officially became ours! We brought it home long enough to put a few things in there, then took it to Danny's dad's to store until our driveway is big enough. It literally takes up the entire driveway as it is right now. We LOVE it and are so excited for this summer! Once it is back home, cleaned up a bit and ready to go for the year, I will do a tour.

Anywho, Weigh-In Wednesday.  Since Danny and I are working on our Whole30, weigh-ins are out for the time being. But, I figured I could use these posts as a journal of sorts and to share what our (mostly mine) experience has been like. Maybe I can talk Danny into sharing what its like from a man's perspective. He's very hostile about it right now though. I've "taken away everything he loves" and he's just sad.

So far, things have been pretty good. We are right on track with this little timeline.
As with most things, Day 1 is pretty easy. Luckily I had seen this timeline before, so I knew to expect some confidence on Day 1 and a hangover the next 2 days. I was very much hungover yesterday. I woke up at 3am with a headache. I ate a Larabar, took some Tylenol, requested that Danny get out of bed and get me a wet rag and went back to sleep. I woke up with a lingering headache that wasn't as strong. Danny had a headache for most of yesterday. The jury is out as to whether or not my headache was caused by Tucker trying to knock me out Monday, the weather, or Whole30.

Hunger wise, I've felt okay. I haven't felt starved by any means, but I can tell when it's meal time. I've only felt the urge to snack after dinner. Last night was strawberries and almond butter with a cup of tea. The night before was strawberries and cashews. Danny on the otherhand has been starving. Depsite my writing down suggested meals and snacks, he's been eating way too little and not the right things. He was afraid the first 2 days to eat something against the rules. I gave  him some things to look over from the Whole30 website, which can be found HERE that have been helpful to me. 

Now the food. I'm enjoying the food much more than Danny. In my opinion, Danny is focusing too much on the things that he can't have (milk, bread and cheese) and not the things that he can have. The man ate 3 small hamburger patties with mayo for dinner Monday night and was sad he couldn't drink milk with it. I think if I can find some drinks for him, things will get better. So, I'm off to the store this afternoon while I run errands for work.

Would you all be interested in the food? I'm thinking about posting most of my meals for the week once every week is over. So, next Tuesday I would start. I know when I first decided to do this, which was over a month ago, I poured over Pinterest and the Internet for food ideas. The sources that were the most helpful were blogs that showed what they ate day to day.

That's all for now. Now its time to power through my day with this "hangover" I've got going on.


  1. I can't wait for the tour... congrats on the home away from home.

  2. It gets better, I promise... I just know you're going to be SO glad you did this! And Danny definitely needs to eat MORE! This (or anything else, in my opinion!) will never be successful if he's hungry... so hopefully he can get into the groove of eating as much as he needs to. Filling your body with nutrients will fill you up more than any junk food will! Good luck... e-mail anytime if you have questions!

  3. Wow - that camper is ginormous! Hope you have many great adventures!

  4. Good luck! I hope to see how things change for you and Danny by the end of 30 days!