Apr 24, 2015

Friday Favorites

Yesterday was a good day. Most of these favorites revolve around yesterday.

Tuck and I like to take selfies in the morning while we snuggle, drink our coffee and watch Sesame Street. Well, he used to like them anyways. Now I'm not so sure. His little independent personality is getting stronger and stronger by the day. Though it can be challenging to deal with, it's also one of my favorite parts of him growing up. I also like when he does things that remind me of family members. He's got some traits from both Danny and I, he's very particular about a few things (routine, everything going in a certain place), and every once in a while a little bit of his Uncle Drew comes out.

Drew is notorious for making a face during a picture. It doesn't matter who he is taking the picture with. My mom, me, his girlfriend. Heck I'm sure if he got the chance to take a picture with the Pope he would make a face.

My next favorite moment happened at the doctor. I am allowed to work myself out of the boot now! He sent me home with a brace and instructions to put the boot back on if it starts hurting again. I also left with some therabands and exercises to do.  I wore the brace all day yesterday and no unmanageable pain so far. Do you know how happy I am to be able to 1. wear 2 shoes again, 2. not have to hurry up and put my boot on before I pee my pants at 2am when I wake up to pee and 3. drive with my right foot again? It truly is the little things people.

Being that I was 5 minutes away from the best Target in central Indiana, I decided to practice walking around there. If you've ever had to wear a boot or cast on your leg, you know what I'm talking about. It takes you a bit to figure out how to walk correctly. I'm happy to report that one lap around Target I left walking correctly and with a cart full of stuff. Which brings me to my next few favorites.

1. This bag is awesome and everything I've been looking for to replace my broken down work bag. I wanted a Michael Kors/Kate Spade style bag at a much lower price. I was THISCLOSE to splurging in a month or so and I am so glad I didn't. The $45 price tag at Target was MUCH easier to swallow. This is a perfect work bag and it will work great on the plane to Vancouver for our cruise in June. Love it!
The white pouch fastens to the inside to you don't have to worry about it getting mashed by anything. It'll be perfect for holding passports and ID's that will need to be easily accessible at the airport.

2. The Whole30 has led me to the greatness that is sparkling water. Specifically, La Croix. They are Whole30 approved and satisfy the need for something fizzy. While I love caffeine in the form of Diet Mountain Dew or Diet Coke, I also enjoy the fizz. These are perfect and provide just enough flavor to break the cycle that is plain water. I've only had the cherry lime(on the left) and yesterday I purchased  the pineapple strawberry (in the middle) and both are delicious. In the regular La Croix, the peach pear is my favorite!

That's all I have time for today. I have to get to a meeting and then play catch up since I was out most of yesterday. Have a good weekend!


  1. Congrats on no boot! I too want a Michael Kohrs bag, but no way in hell am I spending that kind of money!! Cherry lime is my fave too, and it's really good mixed with a touch of sprite and a flavored vodka, just sayin...

  2. Yay no boot! You look like you mom. I think it is a brother think. My brothers and I can't take a serious picture to save our lives. When you get us four together to take a picture it is about a 20 minute ordeal. Usually it is my mom trying to take the picture and we love to push her buttons (haha).

  3. Thanks for the La Croix flavor recommendation! I've been meaning to pick some up at Target -- sounds delicious! Have a beautiful weekend!! :)