Apr 13, 2015

The Weekend

We had a pretty busy weekend around our house.

Friday night when I got home from work, I entered an hour whirlwind of prepping dinner and playing outside. Seriously, the 5pm hour was crazy. But, I got dinner made, played outside, and delivered dinner to Danny before I finally ate dinner myself. My lucky husband had a T-bone, sweet potatoes and broccoli delivered to him. What's not to love about the Whole30? After Tucker went to bed, I took a bath to fight off yet another cyst on my tailbone then lounged before going to bed. I was one tired mama! I even left the sink looking like this.

Saturday was pretty productive. Danny took Tuck outside to work while I stayed inside and cleaned the kitchen. Tuck had the perfect working outside outfit. Overalls and boots. I died at the cuteness when I put everything on him.

This has become a Saturday morning tradition. I enjoy my hour or two of cleaning time. Though, with  my cyst, I just cleaned the kitchen then sat on my butt. After a quick shower and phone call to my mom, Tuck and I headed to get my mom so we could do some quick shopping while Danny went to the fire department's open house and did some mowing. We hit up Bed, Bath and Beyond, Old Navy for some clothes for Tuck then Earth Fare (like Whole Foods) for some buy one, get one deals. We went back to my mom's so Tuck could run around and not be trapped in his stroller anymore. He never sat still for more than 3 seconds. The proof is in this picture.

We made a quick trip through the grocery store on the way home then another whirlwind cooking spree before Danny got home. I had every intention of folding laundry Saturday night after I got Danny's food for work ready to go, but I just couldn't. Saturday wore me out!

Sunday was long day. Danny had to work and I had lots of cleaning and food prepping to do. I put all of it off until my mom came up around 4 though. Tuck and I slept through my niece's birthday party. I felt bad, but the days when I get to enjoy an hour and a half long nap snuggled up with my boy are numbered. Once my mom got to our house, I made egg muffins, finished dinner, and cleaned the bathroom. After her, Tuck and I ate dinner, I ran Danny's dinner up to him. Once I got home, Tucker and I started bedtime. After that grueling 90 minutes, I showered, folded laundry while I watched House of Cards (I'm late to the party and still on Season 1) then finally went to bed.

So basically, it's Monday and I don't feel refreshed from the weekend at all. Good thing we've got a pretty relaxing week coming up!

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  1. WOW sounds like my weekend. I am starting to feel better and was hoping to get a post in today... if I do you can catch up on my not so refreshing weekend too. I wish Monday's were half days but kids HAD to day at the sitter so mom's (and sometimes dad's) could catch up on their sleep.