Apr 22, 2015

Weigh-In Wednesday: 4/22/15

Another week of Whole30 is in the books. We are currently in the middle of our 3rd week with 16 whole days being completed. It's actually gone by pretty quickly. But, now that we are over halfway through, we have some challenges coming up: chicken dinner and a birthday party on Saturday, bridal shower and another birthday party on Sunday, a work lunch next week sometime, then more bridal showers next weekend. All difficult events foodwise with a plethora of non-compliant foods.

Again, I will be going over what we've been eating day by day. My foods are different than Danny's some days since he isn't afraid of eating the wrong thing anymore. He's kind of taken control of his lunches with some guidance. So, here we go.

Day 8:

Breakfast - 2 1/2 egg muffins that had pork, mushrooms and spinach (Tucker ate 1/2 of one), strawberries with almond butter.
Lunch - turkey and cucumber "sandwiches" with mayo, sweet potato chips and grapes. The chips were a rule breaker in terms of it being a "sex with pants on" food(visit the website for info on what sex with pants on foods are), but they were still compliant and I don't feel bad about them. If having a handful of compliant sweet potato chips will help me keep going, then I'm doin it! I also ate a Larabar
Dinner - beef and green bean stir fry over cauliflower rice. Danny cooked the stir fry and just started throwing coconut aminos and spices in the pan. It turned out SO delicious.... and I don't have a picture of the dinner.
Snacks - cashews

Day 9:

Breakfast - same as yesterday, except I took a picture this time.
Lunch - leftover stir fry on a salad with mayo for dressing
Dinner - green beans and potatoes, tilapia. The green beans sucked. No flavor.
Snacks - apple and Larabar

Day 10:

Breakfast - 2 sausage links, 3/4 banana and 3/4 apple with almond butter. Tucker ate the missing parts of the fruit and the 3rd sausage link I made for myself in addition to the sausage link and waffle I made for him.
Lunch - 4 lettuce turkey and tomato wraps/boats/I don't know what to call them, green beans and potatoes, grapes
Dinner - pulled pork sweet potato sliders, broccoli. Now this dinner was delicious and probably my fave.
Snacks - NONE!

Day 11:

Breakfast - 2 1/2 egg muffins, 3/4 banana and almond butter
Lunch - avocado chicken salad with red peppers on lettuce leaves, cucumbers, carrots, and cantaloupe
Dinner - grilled chicken, potato and carrots
Snacks - I don't have any written down

Day 12:

Breakfast - banana and apple with almond butter, 2 slices of turkey
Lunch - salad with turkey, cucumbers, tomatoes with Tessamae's southwest ranch dressing, broccoli, Larabar
Dinner - chicken sausages and potatoes, zucchini and peppers baked in foil
Snacks - NONE!

Day 13:

Breakfast - scrambled eggs with salsa, cantaloupe
Lunch - steak taco salad. I had a slip this meal. We took some family to lunch and I ordered a taco salad. I either missed where the menu said it had refried beans or it just didn't say it. I avoided them as much as possible.
Dinner - honey Dijon pork chops with potatoes
Snack - I had some potatoes from Friday
*This was a slippery day. A reader kindly pointed out that the honey mustard is not compliant. In my mind, Tessamae's automatically meant compliant, but that is not the case. I haven't had any of the honey mustard since. Apparently the mental clarity that people get from Whole30 is going to be a late benefit for me.

Day 14:

Breakfast - Larabar and cantaloupe. It had to be quick since we slept late and had to get ready for church quickly
Lunch - salsa chicken on lettuce, cucumbers
Dinner - leftover pork on a potato (okay so I had a little bit more honey mustard), cucumbers
Snacks - a couple pieces of fruit and a hard boiled egg to see if I actually boiled eggs successfully.

So, this week was a little loosey goosey in terms of rules. One I knew we were breaking/bending, a couple of others were unintentional. This Whole30 isn't perfect and I knew it wouldn't be, but I think we're doing alright with it!


  1. I think you are doing a great job! Keep it up :)

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  2. Love that you are documenting everything with the pictures. I am seeing delicious ideas to incorporate in my diet :)

  3. First time to your blog! Your menu ideas look amazing! Also--your little about you section under your picture (cold drink and country song) may have made you insanely awesome in my book! :)

  4. Great job! You're doing wonderful on the Whole30!