Apr 14, 2015

Prom Time

Prom season is upon us. Memories come back to me every year about it since my 2 prom dresses are hanging from a curtain rod in our spare bedroom. Along with my wedding dress. I've been meaning to donate the prom dresses for the last couple of years, but just haven't. Not because I can't let go, but because I just don't make the effort. I've got plans for the wedding dress though. The cleaners wouldn't clean it since it needed to be hand washed, and I rarely hand wash dishes. So I came up with an alternative use. Its a secret right now though.

Anyways. Prom. I had a bad prom and then I had a great prom. The great prom made up for the bad prom.

Prom 2007. I was a junior and never got asked by an upper classman, so it was my first one. I was pretty excited. My mom and I went dress shopping with a good friend of mine and I didn't really find anything I like. I found a beautiful dress online and we ordered it from a bridal shop that could order the gown.  I was dating someone from another school. When we started dating he already had a prom date lined up so I didn't go to his prom. He, along with 2 other guys that were going in our group, had baseball games that day, so we didn't get to go to dinner together and didn't do pictures before. We get to prom, he was an as all night long and I think he danced with me one time. He also left post prom after like 30 minutes because he was going to Kings Island (amusement park in Ohio) the next day. The Toolbag broke up with me 2 days later. But, at least I had a pretty, and expensive, dress. (sorry for that one mom and dad!).

Prom 2008 was a whole different experience and one of the highlights of my senior year. But I'll be honest, all of my senior year of high school was a blast.

My best friend Andrea and I started the fun a few days before. Every year our high school would have someone come talk about drunk driving. After the talk, we snuck out to the parking lot with the help of her boyfriend at the time and put flyers that my dad had printed for us on everyone's cars. We were basically campaigning for our 2 friends that we wanted to win Prom Queen and Prom King.

Prom day came and I was pretty tired. I had been up all night talking to Danny on the phone. We were hiding our getting back together from the world at this point. But I was also excited. I was going with a BUNCH of friends, like I think there were 8 or 10 people in our group. My date was Andrea's little brother who was a freshman. This had been the plan for like 4 years. I told him if I didn't have a boyfriend at my senior year prom, then he would be my date. We had a blast! The whole night was so much fun. Out of everyone that was friends with each other, all grades combined, I don't think anyone danced with the same person twice. Even the couples. Danny and I managed to dance with each other once, and I think he got caught giving me a kiss on the head, so our secret was no longer a secret.

Though a little revealing, my parents probably preferred the $50 that was spent on this dress vs. the $300ish that I think was spent on the dress the year before
Andrea, the bff

Post prom was at the bowling alley in town. The group I went with, which happened to include Andrea (bff), her brother (my date), her sister (her date was my brother's bff), and her cousin (whose date was my brother's bff's cousin), and Andrea's date was my brother's other bff's brother. Are you lost yet?

Anyways, we made shirts for post prom. Do you remember the Pussycat Doll's song Don'cha? Well, Andrea was mildly obsessed with it when it was popular, and probably still is today, so our shirts came from that song. The guys shirts said, "Don'tcha wish your date was hot like mine?" and the girls shirts said "Don'tcha wish your date was hot like me?" Then everyone's initials, or nickname if it was short enough, got put on the sleeve. Each couple (or set of dates since the little brother and me were not an item) had their own color of shirts.

The cousin of the 3 siblings and the cousin of one of the siblings' date, who were dating each other, are missing. You can't make these connections up. This is what you get in a small town. Anyways, my dad took this picture. I'm sure he was super comfortable taking a picture of some boy putting his hand on my ass. We wanted a picture of the "Ooh Yeah!" on the back of our shirts. I don't know where the "Ooh Yeah!" came from, but all I know is we were yelling that little phrase every chance we got.
Can you see why we had so much fun? This kid was (and still is) a goof ball!

I seriously had so much fun. I want to go to this exact prom again. I'll even let my husband be my date.

Now that I've wasted more than enough time traveling down memory lane, I need to get some serious work done!

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  1. Sounds like you had fun. I hated both my proms but I wasn't much into HS either. The I went to school with a bunch of snobs. I do however have both my prom dresses and the one I will never get rid of because my grandma made it exactly how I dreamed it. Cherry red with red and crystal rhinestones. The other one I got I could so part with... just never have.