Dec 1, 2015

Tucker's 2nd Birthday Party

Another birthday party is in the books.  Tucker turns TWO this Friday and we celebrated this past Sunday. Tucker is a big Mickey Mouse fan. He would watch Mickey Mouse all day if we let him. He once threw a fit for an hour and a half because we wouldn't turn Mickey on. A Mickey Mouse birthday seemed appropriate.

I've noticed that Mickey Mouse is a very common theme for a 2nd birthday. We attended one a few months ago, I saw another on Facebook, and it just so happens my 2nd birthday was Minnie Mouse themed. My mom kept the cake topper and Tucker plays with it now.

Anyways, not much went into the party. I tried to make it a little more low key than his 1st birthday but that didn't really happen. We had about 25 people and we decided to feed them. I made potato soup in the crock pot, little pigs in the blanket (Hot Diggity Dogs) and we had a veggie tray. Easy peasy.

I also decided to make his birthday cake in an effort to keep the cost of the shindig low. That and the bakery that made his cake last year is closed due to the owner having a baby. It turned out really well too! I used the Pinterest trick for making a box cake tasting more like a homemade cake. It works!! And I also found the cake idea on Pinterest too. So I can take almost 0 credit for this cake other than I attempted it and it turned out good. I ended up making 2 since each box makes 2 round cakes and I needed 3 layers. We only had about 1/3 of the second cake left so it was the perfect amount.

Tucker was with Danny's mom for a few hours between church and the party so we could set up. I swear, without the woman and my mom Danny and I would be lost. As soon as Tucker saw the cakes he had to have them. 

I picked a few m&m Mickey's off to tide him over. Three Mickey's later he was happy enough to eat. He had to eat next to his cake because he wasn't convinced that he was actually going to get to eat it.

Danny found this inflatable Christmas Mickey on one of his trips to Menards for our mudroom. We got it out for the occasion. First it was in the garage, then I asked Danny to put it in the front yard to greet guests but when Tucker got home he wouldn't come inside, so back to the garage it went. Danny enjoyed having the right idea the first time.

Tuck didn't really understand blowing out candles. Or that you only put 1 candle per year of age. So he ended up with 4 candles. 

He got TONS of presents! Lots of toys (including a small Mickey drum that unfortunately came from a family that is done having children and I can't return the favor), a few clothes, and one really awesome gift from his Gigi. A train table!

A few weeks ago when I was on my girls trip, Danny took Tucker to a place that sells playsets, basketball goals, and fun stuff. My mom met them there since Tucker was staying all night with her that night. In this building full of slides and swings and trampolines, Tucker played with the train table for over an hour! I'm pretty sure my mom ordered his train table the next day. He loved it! And he loves it so much that it was totally worth having to rearrange the living room to fit it in the house. I actually like the layout of the living room better so it was a great gift.

I cannot believe this little boy is going to be 2 at the end of the week. Two years went by in the blink of an eye!


  1. I cried for the whole week before and after Oliver turned two, I can only imagine how I will be with Evan. I can't believe I have been following you since before you were pregnant. It is fun watching your kiddo grow. Happy Birthday Tucker!!! Stop growing so fast.

  2. Oh my goodness! Tucker's 2nd Birthday Party was truly adorable. The cake looks so yummy. I also hosted DIY party for my son on his 1st birthday. This party was organized at some garden Los Angeles venues and it was just great arranging this DIY party for my lovely kid.