Dec 4, 2015


Today, at 2:33pm, I will officially have a 2 year old. I mean, wasn't this picture just taken yesterday?

Since I haven't documented as much of Tucker's 2nd whole year of life, I thought I would share some pictures to show what he's been up too for the last year.
He discovered the art of fit throwing.

He learned that being a little brother means tormenting your older sibling and that you'll always have a buddy.

He has no problem telling people what to do. Like, telling his Dad to get out of HIS chair that he was comfortably sitting in and cover him up.

Tucker likes to clean. Swiffer WetJets are his favorite, but brooms are fun too. Not kid brooms, real full sized brooms.

For some reason, he enjoys getting meat out of our freezer in the garage. He will throw a fit if you don't let him carry in a little white package of something. This is also how I meal plan.

Like his father who used to do this as a child, he can fall asleep in the middle of a meal.

We are approaching the phase where Dad is cooler than Mom because he has tools.

Everything is Tucker's... even Mommy's retainer.

Tucker went to the zoo for the first time, where he learned how much he loves monkeys and when both Grandma's are present you can have practically anything you want.

The first time he ate real cereal, he knew exactly what you're supposed to do when there are only a few pieces left in a bowl full of milk. I never once had to explain it.

He went on his first plane ride. This also took him out of the country and on his first cruise.

On this cruise we learned that he loves shrimp cocktail and how attached he is to Mamaw. Seriously, Mamaw is his favorite person. Ever.

Like most toddlers, he doesn't love to hear the word "no."

He is obsessed with mowers. His own and Daddy's, which of course is also his.

Bedtime started requiring stuffed animals. As in 4.

He MUST help push the cart. Getting him to sit in the cart requires a bribe of some sort.

He can't go to bed without his picture of Mamaw and Papaw. Although he loves his Papaw, he has to have the picture because Mamaw is in it. *Fun fact: He sees Mamaw and Papaw every single day, for 8ish hours.

He's spent a lot of time watching either his Mamaw or me get ready in the morning. He is pretty confident that he knows how to put make up on.

He can practically make breakfast for you.

And he can make the coffee that goes with it. Sit him on the counter, hand him a cup and tell him what color of k-cup you want (sometimes he doesn't give a shit what one you want though), and he'll do the rest.

He'll do anything for a sucker, which sometimes means having family pictures taken with a sucker in his mouth.

He LOVES camping.

And chips and salsa.


Now, I'm going to spend the rest of my day trying to figure out where time has gone. Happy birthday, little man.


  1. OMG!!! Just watching his features change from the beginning of the year to now. This is so sweet! We didn't have to explain to Oliver what to do with cereal milk either. Tim and I were hustling about while he was eating it one day and we walk in the kitchen to find him drinking it... we had to stop and laugh. Maybe we are raising chefs, Oliver loves to be in the kitchen too.