Dec 7, 2015

A Fire Truck & Egg Nog Weekend

We just got done with one of my favorite weekends out of the entire year: Egg Nog Extravaganza weekend!

The weekend started out with our town's annual Christmas parade. Now that Tucker is 2, events like this are becoming more fun. I mean, it's always fun riding in an ambulance or back of a fire truck during parades, but the moment Danny has been waiting on for a few years finally happened. Tucker's first ride in a parade. We did it right too. He didn't ride in an ambulance, or the grass truck, or even the tanker. Little man got to ride in the engine! THE fire truck.

Tucker did a pretty good job riding shot gun in the parade. He did his fair share of waving until about half way through, then I had to start waving and being real animated about it so he would start up again. So, about half the town saw me waving like a fool. They also might have seen Tuck digging for gold. 

Once the parade was over, we went home so Tuck could go to bed and I could start the party prep. I also got our Christmas cards addressed, sealed and stamped. I had a fear that I would die like George's fiancĂ© on Seinfeld when she licked all of the envelopes for their wedding invitations.

Saturday was party day. We were supposed to do Tucker's birthday breakfast at one of the diners in town, but when I tried to start laundry the washer wouldn't turn on. Which made me think the outlet in the island not working the night before was a bigger deal than I originally thought. Pair those with the fact that the outlets where Danny charges his page and I charge my wine opener (you know, our important things), you might have a real issue. A couple of hours later, my jack of all trades hubby had it fixed and we enjoyed take out breakfast. Danny took Tucker to pick up the keg so he would nap and I could focus on getting shit done. Once they got home, Tucker and I went to my great aunt's house to visit with my dad's sister and her husband. Other cousins and my brother and his fiancé were there too. We couldn't stay long, but Tucker had fun playing and he got spoiled with some more birthday presents.

Seriously, how am I so short?

Tuck and I rushed home so I could finish making the party food and be there when our BFF's who just moved to Ohio this year got there. They came over a couple hours early so we could actually visit with them. Again, more presents for Tucker (a 48-piece Mickey Mouse tool set... making a mental note for when they have a 2 year old). The kid is going to think he opens presents every weekend in December. They also brought me a festive wine glass and my own bottle of wine. They get me.

Food was prepped, wine was drank and then it was party time. Here is the menu:
Danny's chili
Spinach and Artichoke Dip - its got a bit of a kick too it. Soooo good!
Ro-tel cups - I doubled this finally. I usually make one batch and everyone always asks if there are more. I got asked anyways.
Bacon Cheddar Ranch Pinwheels
Peppermint Cookies and Cream popcorn - this was delicious. I may make a batch to take with me when I visit customers in the next couple of weeks!

I don't have a picture with just Danny, but we didn't do anything extravagant for our outfits this year. I had an awesome Buddy the Elf shirt (found at Walmart) and his sweater had Santa wearing camo pants drinking a beer. Here we are with my people. My brother, my future sister-in-law and my mom.

Annual prom picture with my senior year prom date.

He is my BFF's little brother. We made a deal when I was a sophomore, and he was in 7th grade, that if I wasn't dating anyone by prom time my senior year that he was going with me since he would be a freshman. No real boyfriend (Danny and I were on and off and I thought we were done for good when it came time to start figuring dates out.. what did I know?!) so I followed through. We do this every year, except the year the Extravaganza was combined with a diaper party for Danny. A prom pose picture at 9 months pregnant would have been awesome though.

My "little" cousin who is 5 years younger than I am, 8 inches taller and looks like she's the older one.

We love having this party. I'm hoping next year I'll be more on top of my game and have a better planned outfit!

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  1. This party looks fun. I love ugly sweater parties... I have some good ones that I made years ago.