Dec 15, 2015

My Christmas List

Ever since I started dating Danny, I've had to really start making Christmas lists.  Not for Danny, but for his mom. My mother-in-law is the type that doesn't like to give just gift cards or money. She wants you to open an actual gift. She doesn't care if you already know what you're getting, because if you give her a list of just a few items you pretty much know exactly what you're getting, she just wants you to have an actual gift. It's kind of nice. The first couple of years I was really bad about it and struggled to come up with a list. My mom always knew what to get me growing up. She knew my style (pretty much all American Eagle), if she wanted to get me a CD she knew what to get (Kenny Chesney please), and if it was softball related it was more than likely going to make me happy. So for the last 6ish Christmases, I'm back to making a list like I'm 8 years old again. And its fun! My mom asks for lists from us now that she doesn't live with her children and know our every move and interest. My mom and mother-in-law get 2 separate lists, then I use the money I get from Danny's dad and stepmom to fill in the gaps and buy whatever else strikes my fancy throughout the year.

Here is what is on my Christmas list this year:

Tom's Wedges - I'm trying to rebuild my work wardrobe to make it more "Casual Friday" than "Weekend." It has to do with that whole "look good, feel good" philosophy that I firmly believe in.  These will be perfect.

Portofino Shirts from Express - I bought 3 of these shirts on my girls weekend to help me start rebuilding my work wardrobe. They are PERFECT for what I'm going for. They look great with jeans for when I'm meeting with my farmers or with black skinnies when I'm meeting with just about any other customer.

PiYo! - I need this in my life. It's a great workout and my physical therapist confirmed it yesterday. I have too much mobility in my back because my core is weak (not a surprise) and he said yoga and pilates would be extremely beneficial to my back. Not a fix, but beneficial. Sign. Me. Up!

Ulta giftcard - I'm in the market for a new curling iron. Or two. I think I need a 1" and maybe a 1.5". I don't know exactly what kind I want so I couldn't tell my mom or mother-in-law a brand, but I know I'll be going to Ulta to make my purchase and probably blow the money I get from my father-in-law.

Fun yoga pants - I put these on my mother-in-laws list. My mom would play it too safe because her style is more bold than mine. I wanted to see what my mother-in-law thought I would like. I left my list on her desk when I dropped Tucker off one day and she wasn't home (no worries, Danny's stepdad was there so Tucker wasn't left alone). The next day when I dropped him off with her, as I was leaving, she said "How crazy am I allowed to get with these yoga pants?" She had a smirk on her face and I could tell she was excited. I'm guessing I'll end  up with pants like this. Something a little more fun than what I would pick for myself.
There were a few other things, but those are the items that I can really remember.

I usually don't give Danny a list. He usually has to fend for himself. This year I gave him a little help because he kind of dropped the ball on my birthday and I didn't want to be disappointed again. I asked for him to pick out an outfit for me. I didn't set him up for complete failure. I gave him a list of stores that I shop at (because I really don't think he had a clue) with a list of sizes for each. He's only ever bought me t-shirts from trips he's been on without me and never any REAL clothes. Like what I did with his mom, I want to see what he thinks I would like.

I'm really excited about this Christmas. Who else likes making Christmas lists for all of the Santas in your life?

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  1. I know where you can get PiYo ;-) I have to make a list for my mom always and I never know what to put on it.