Dec 29, 2015

Christmas 2015: Stops 3 & 4

Yesterday I stopped after recapping our Christmas Eve, which looked like this: paint real quick, shower at lightning speed, then have a 2.5 hour event take almost 5. We got home around 7:30 and still had plenty of work to do before we could go to bed. But not before a special gift for my two main men. Tucker slept on the way home and was OUT when we got home. Normally I would just let him sleep, but not tonight! Tuck and Daddy had a gift to open.


They weren't mad once they realized how cute they were.

After snapping a few pictures of those two, I snuck off to "go to the bathroom" aka put on my set of pj's! And like what happens to most moms of young children, my kid barged in on me. And I kid you not, when he saw that I was putting on matching pj's, he started laughing! Which made me laugh too. There was already a chance of me laughing as I walked back into the main area of the house where Danny was, but now that the 2 year old acknowledged how funny I am, all bets were off. So, Tuck and I start walking out there and half way there, Danny starts telling a story. Not wanting his story to take away from the awesomeness of the pj's, I stop in the play room, go in Tuck's room and yell "I'm listening" so he can get his story over with. Once I realize its not going to be a quick 2 minute story, I decide to say hell with it and just go plop my Christmas jammie self on the couch to see what kind of reaction I get. Danny keeps telling his story while I'm holding back the laughter. His story ends with "You think you're so funny don't you?" Yes, honey, yes I do.

Once Tuck was in bed, I still had work to do. I had to make and roll noodles and finish wrapping presents. Tucker LOVES opening presents so I decided it was best to wait and wrap everything I needed the night  before I would need it. It just seemed easier. Well, I couldn't get started on noodles because we were out of pepper in the house, but we had some in the camper. I went out to open the outdoor kitchen but couldn't. Two things I discovered that I can't do: boil an egg and open our outdoor kitchen on the camper. I tried for 10 minutes and quit for fear that I would break the key and we'd be screwed. Once Tucker was in bed and Danny could get the pepper, at 9:30, I finally got to start making noodles. After I slaved over the kitchen counter rolling and cutting homemade noodles, it was time to wrap gifts. Santa only got Tucker 3 gifts so that was nice. I was done wrapping presents and in bed around 12.

We got to sleep until 7:45. Thank you Tuck! We opened presents and thankfully Danny's stepdad stopped by unexpectedly so we could get a picture of us in our pj's. It took him a good 5 minutes to realize we were matching.

After he left, we ate monkey bread and got ready for church. Tucker LOVED the monkey bread. The whole morning he kept asking for more "muffins" and then shoveling it in his mouth.

This was the first time I'd been to church on Christmas Day. Ever. It felt right. Tucker was extremely pleasant too so that was helpful. He offered Peace to anyone possible, during the designated time and he tried too while everyone was walking by for Communion. After Mass he went to check out the sheep in the nativity scene. 

I quickly made my dirt pudding then peeled potatoes for our Christmas with my mom, brother and his girlfriend. Off to Danny's dad's we went. I was practically greeted with a pretty blue drink and that's when I knew it would be a good day. We ate, sampled wine (sample sizes were practically a full glass), then opened presents. Our wine buffet left the 4 out of 5 women half popped by the time gift opening rolled around. We giggled, cracked jokes and had the best time. I had tears in my eyes at one point and it was over some smart ass comment from my mother-in-law about a dish towel. Tucker got a very cool gift from Danny's dad. 

He is getting rid of his firefighter stuff and he gave Tucker this sweet fire truck that you can actually ride. Thankfully it was unseasonably warm on Christmas Day and we got to test it out on the patio.

Next up was Christmas with my family. We headed home so I could start cooking the noodles. Once they were done we ate and opened presents. I got an Ulta gift card, Piyo, my favorite Express shirts, some other clothes, a Target gift card and a selfie stick!!

My mom got the best gift from my brother though. He converted all of our old home videos so that we could watch them on DVD or on the computer. We were able to set it up so we could watch on the tv through the computer. It was awesome. Danny got to see what a brat I was, Megan could see how chunky and goofy Drew was and we all got to hear my dad laugh and play with us. Seriously the best!

Drew and Megan left around 10 and we all went to bed shortly after. This was easily the best Christmas of my adult life. I may have lost sleep because of all of the prep work, but it was 100% worth it.


  1. When I read your brothers gift I started crying. You were busy but I would say you had an amazing and blessed Christmas. I love the matching jammies by the way.

  2. I laughed out loud about the matching PJs when you walked out in yours. That's adorable! Sounds like a fun filled Christmas! What a great gift idea with the home videos!