Nov 30, 2015

Thanksgiving Tour 2015

Look who is making her once a month appearance. I'm not even going to sit here and do the whole song and dance about how I miss it and make a promise to start posting again. I want too. Life is flying by and I hate no having posts go to back and read about what we've done. It is what it is and I'm just going to see what happens.

As usual, Thanksgiving for the Summers family was a marathon. Thanksgiving 2013 practically sent me into labor since Tucker was born less than a week later and Thanksgiving 2014 included 4 meals in one day.

This year we only (I say only like its normal) had 3 places to go on the actual day, then celebrated with my mom the next evening.  My mom stayed all night with Tuck and me on Wednesday so she could go to breakfast at Danny's mom's house. The 3 of us ate dinner with a special guest, My Doggie" That is what Tucker says when you ask "What is the dog's name?"

After Tucker went to bed, we drank some wine and she watched me make my famous dirt pudding since its a pretty easy thing to make and she only does easy.

Thursday morning we headed to Stop 1 at my mother-in-laws house for breakfast. Tucker's plate on the left, the 6 year old's plate on the right.

Tucker ate about half which is significantly more than everything on the other child's entire plate. After sitting around visiting for a bit, talking about Christmas lists and watching Tucker dance, we all headed out to get ready for stop number 2, which we would see some of the same guests at.

On the way out, Tucker thought he needed to be part of the nativity scene in my mother-in-laws yard. Let's also take note of the fact that its Thanksgiving in Indiana and my child not wearing a coat does not make me a bad parent since its so warm out. It was a beautiful day.

I have no pictures from Stop 2 at Danny's dad's house. It was a "technology free" event, which was pretty nice. Normally everyone older than Tucker has their phone or tablet in their hand, but not this year. The kids played games, ran around outside, and everyone chatted. I liked that rule and hope its around for Christmas.

We left there to go home and prep for the next stop. I made some corn casserole and we took the one and only picture we have from this holiday. And its a selfie. 

Stop 3 was with Danny's bonus family at a sibling's house about 35 minutes away. Since it was at 5pm, we brought Tucker's pajamas, Mickey and Minnie in hopes he would fall asleep on the way home. Apparently 1 cookie is enough to keep that kid up an hour past his bedtime, the entire 35 minute drive home and an additional 30 minutes once we were home. Who freakin knew. We all had fun though. There were a TON of kids there (there are 10 grandkids in this family, which includes Tucker) and 1 that is only 7 months older than Tucker. 9 of them are boys so I'm sure you can only imagine how loud it was.

Friday was rough. Danny worked on the mudroom (no it still isn't done) while Tucker and I played. Fire station, play-doh, markers, rubber bands, cars, crayons. That was all from like 9-11. We dealt with some toddler attitude in which I just ignored him for a bit after that. I felt bad but I was just trying to let him work it out. Danny went to workout and Tucker and I attempted to run an errand. We ALMOST made it to the store, but he fell asleep. 

Due to the toddler attitude, we went back home and of course he woke up. Duh! So, we went inside where he helped me make dessert for Stop 4 at my mom's with my brother and his fiancĂ©. We made Mix and Match Mama's Pecan Pie Neiman Marcus bars. I brought stuff to make caramel apple sangria and that was delicious. I couldn't even taste the vodka. Or wine. That's dangerous. I think I'm going to make it for Christmas at my father-in-law's this year.

Everyone stayed all night at my mom's new place. Everyone. 5 adults, 1 toddler and 2 dogs. The bed in the guest room there is a full. Even though Tucker has a pack-n-play there, he slept with us from 2-6:30. And Diesel slept with us all night. It was not the best night of sleep I have ever gotten. Oh well.

I am glad the Thanksgiving Tour is over. I love Thanksgiving, but it is exhausting. I much prefer Christmas since our get togethers are spread out over at least 4-5 days, if not a whole week.

The rest of our weekend consisted of prepping for Tucker Paul's 2nd birthday party. I'll recap that tomorrow!


  1. how do you make the caramel apple sangria? sounds wonderful :-)

    1. I used this recipe

  2. I love that caramel apple sangria and now I want more... Sounds like you had a good Turkey Day. We gave up doing all that running a few years ago because it wasn't worth the stress. It's nice to stay in one place the whole day, I don't know how you do it.