Oct 26, 2015

Weekend Recap

This weekend was one of the best we've had in a while. While Danny was crazy busy and gone pretty much the whole time, Tucker and I had no real plans and it was beautiful.

We started our weekend off with family pictures.  The photographer that took them posted a few on her Facebook page over the weekend and I am in love. I can't wait to get the rest back and show them with you! I took a selfie though because the hair Gods were with me as I got ready. Don't mind the windblown look. This is after pictures and having to chase Tucker around our yard for an hour.

We got pizza for dinner and played until Tucker went to bed. Danny and I also went to bed pretty early. Why do we go to bed early on Friday and stay up late during the week?

Saturday was nice. Tucker woke up too early (like 5:30) but gave me another hour and a half by sleeping in bed with us. I don't mind him coming to our bed after he has slept in his room for what could count as a full night. But I don't ever want him starting out in our bed. Too risky. After playing for a bit, we went to Danny's mom's house to cheer her up after a rough day. Tucker insisted on staying at her house for a bit. No surprise there. I headed off to the annual fire truck rides by myself to meet up with Danny. Tucker and his mamaw showed up in time for Tuck to ride in the truck once.

He was not happy that he had to leave his mamaw's side. In case I haven't shared this with you before, Danny's mom is Tucker's favorite.

When it was time to leave, Tucker left with none other than his Mamaw. She met me at our house since we both knew he would fall asleep. He continued to sleep for another 2.5 hours! He was exhausted apparently. I watched Grey's Anatomy, Scandal and half of a Law & Order: SVU. And I about peed myself.

Once he woke up he still held me as his prisoner and wouldn't let me go pee. 

Danny had a man-date with his BFF that night. Since they are on different shifts at the fire station and both work on their "days off" there are only a few days a month that they are able to see each other. I thought a guys night out was in order so that was Danny's birthday gift. I set it up with BFF and his wife back in September, ordered two tickets to a hockey game and gave Danny money for dinner and parking. While I don't think Danny's new favorite sport is hockey, I think he had a good time. He's been working his butt off for months on end and he deserved a night out.

I did nothing Saturday night. I picked up a few toys and felt my back do whatever it does when it starts to hurt for days and decided that I was just going to relax on the couch. Just gotta make it 2 more weeks until my appointment.

Sunday consisted of sleeping in the recliner from 3:30-7 since Tucker refused to lay in our bed. We went to get my car from Danny at work then headed out to get some shopping done. A somewhat peaceful Target trip was accomplished with popcorn.

We're at the point in Tuck's life where walking by the toy section is bad. Hell, I couldn't even make it out of the clothes section without buying him 2 Mickey shirts and a Mickey hat. He wanted the Minnie hat too but I was able to pull the "Hey look over there!" and throw it back on the shelf. After a trip to the grocery, we went home and straightened up, did dishes and got ready for some "fun" AKA pumpkin painting.

If your kid is experiencing a high level of enjoyment, you are more than likely experiencing a high level of stress. I think my first mistake was inviting Diesel out to join us. I may recap this experience later this week. It was quite an ordeal that had me contemplating a beer or five.

Tucker went to bed pretty easy and I sat on the couch and did nothing after I put clothes away.

Here's to a great week!


  1. Bahahha! That caption on that IG post just made me crack up! I didn't see that over the weekend! :) Glad you had a pretty low key weekend! How sweet of you to set up a man date night out for Danny! Can't wait to see the family pics!

  2. I was going to try to paint pumpkins but never got the pumpkins... when I regretted not getting pumpkins about 2 days before halloween I remembered we cancelled halloween due to my brothers wedding. I want to hear the dog v kid painting story thought...