Oct 6, 2015

Show & Tell Tuesday: Our First Jobs

Today I'm linking up with Andrea @ Momfessionals for her year long link-up, Show & Tell Tuesday.  So far this year many different topics have been discussed... favorite vacation, kids names, love story, what you want or wanted to be when you grew up... a variety of things. Today everyone is chatting about their first job or jobs. I'm going to talk about my first 3.. because guess what? That's all I've had!

Job One: Dor-Tee's Drive-In - Milkshake Pro, Burger Flipper & Fry Master

This job was so much fun. It's a little ice cream shop/hamburger place that is a favorite of this little town. Though I'm not sure why its a drive-in since you don't get waited on there like at Sonic or what I would classify as a "drive-in" but that's fine.  I basically applied for the job because my 2 best friends were working there. It was open the end of March through mid-September.  I worked most weekend nights and a few nights throughout the week. Some Saturdays during the day. During our first season, there were a group of older girls that were getting ready to go off to college and wouldn't be working as much.  When they graduated, our group, better known as the "Dream Team" was pretty much left in charge. My dad's golfing buddy owned the shop and my dad and I had shirts made for us all that said "Dor-Tee's Dream Team on them. So, the second season of the "Dream Team" working we were left in charge and to fend for ourselves a lot. For example, there was one day the owner/my dad's friend left before the dinner rush and looked at me and said "You're in charge, don't call me" Well, I broke that rule when chocolate ice cream came oozing out the side of the ice cream machine. His response was to "fix it." This ended up with having my arm shoulder deep in the chocolate side of the machine putting a seal back in place. The ice cream machine was right at the window, so everyone could see. We had dance parties, made French fry sandwiches and smelled like cheeseburgers and French fries every night. I still have "Dor-tee's Mix" CD's in my car that I listen too.

Job Two: Panty Folder

This was the only job I've ever had to interview for an I got it. I worked at Victoria's Secret for a short period of time. By short I mean May 2009-August 2009. I even quit without notice, barring me from ever working there or Bath  & Body Works. Ever. The manager thought that would scare me and I basically said, Thanks!  I didn't hate working there, but I obviously didn't love it. I was working for my dad nearly every single day at the time and then I'd work there at night and on weekends. I didn't have to work, but I wanted too. Looking back, I'm not too sure why? I got hired a month before the semi-annual sale and worked through that. I never had to measure any one to get fitted since I avoided that at all costs. I found it awkward to help people pick out matching bras and panties.  And I had a headache from teenage girls coming in and spraying every fragrance they could get their hands on. I did like working the register though. That was the best part.  Another awkward part? Seeing teachers from high school or men from home that you'd rather not see picking out undies or other things for their wives.

Job Three: The Family Biz

I did some "work" for my dad throughout middle school and high school to help with business things. The joys of being a business owners daughter! When he would mail out things like calendars to his customers, I would help put labels on and stuff envelopes. Once I reached my senior year of high school, I started doing some of his bookkeeping for him. I remember there was one Saturday in January he asked if I had any plans and I said no. So we stopped at McDonald's for a drink, then spent 4 hours catching his books up. Six months worth. Credit card charges, bank statements, you name it. When I returned for  my "summer job" in June, that became my responsibility until I went to college. I continued to do this summer job on Christmas break and summer breaks. My 2nd year of college I would drive home every Wednesday to do it too since I had easier access to my car. I loved and treasure every single minute of working with my dad.

He showed me the financial ropes for a reason. And I am so, so glad I paid attention.

The reason was "in case something ever happened to him" and at 18 years old and a senior in high school, I never imagined that that reason would be a reality in just 2 short years. Overnight I went from being my dad's right hand to being my dad.

My lack of work experience has always made me nervous, and still does despite the fact that I'm "running a business." Now that I say that I think that's why I applied for summer jobs when I worked at VS. I wanted to have something else on my resume besides "working for my dad" even though working for a parent is one of the most difficult things. You mess up? They don't give a shit if they yell at you. My dad was a lot harder on me than his other employees, even though my jobs were minor compared to theirs.

Fun Fact about Erin's jobs: I am now the boss of my boss from Job One. Funny how life works, huh?


  1. AAHHH!!!! How mortifying to have to check out a teacher at Victoria's Secret! hahaha I think I would have quit without notice as well :) hahaha Thanks so much for linking up!
    :) Andrea

  2. Your job experience is so neat! I love your response to your boss at VS when you quit. Ha!

  3. You were stronger then I was. My dad owns a plumbing company and he tried to train me to eventually become his secretary. We butted heads too much so I went on doing something I was more interested in. I can't believe they threatened the fact that you couldn't work at VS or B&BW.

  4. I worked at bath & body works...totally sympathize with the girls spraying every fragrance! Ugh.

  5. I worked at bath & body works...totally sympathize with the girls spraying every fragrance! Ugh.