Oct 5, 2015

Weekend Recap: Brown County

Danny and I's weekend getaway that we had been planning for literally months was finally this past weekend. And it was lovely.

Friday we took off around 3pm with the camper and headed south to Nashville, Indiana, better known around here as Brown County.  We had been a few years ago and couldn't wait to go back.

The 2.5 hour drive took about 3 with the camper. We stayed at the Brown County State Park. From the park entrance to the campground entrance was another 3 miles. Then it was ANOTHER 2 miles to our campsite...which was about 3 site away from the very end of the road. We have a way of picking the last spot/house at the end of something. We did this on our honeymoon in Gatlinburg too. After we got set up, we headed out to dinner. One of my dad's golfing buddies owns a golf retreat in Brown County that has a golf course, condos that you can rent, banquet hall and a restaurant. We ate at the restaurant that night, The 19th Hole Sports Bar & Grille. It was pretty good!

Saturday was a fun day. It was rainy all day, but still enjoyable. After we leisurely ate breakfast, we headed into town to explore and eat lunch. First, we drove around the park and enjoyed the view from the top of the hills. We found a little lake and walked around it. In the rain and mud. It wasn't too bad though.


We ate lunch at Big Woods Pizza. Big Woods Brewery is down in Nashville, and there is a restaurant with it. The owners opened a pizza place right across the alley. It was THE BEST pizza I have ever had. We seriously considered ordering some on Sunday to take home and eat for dinner. I'm guessing it wouldn't have made it home though. We shared a Flight (I've deemed this the best way to enjoy booze while at a restaurant since it was only $7 for the 2 of us), an order of breadsticks, nachos and pizza. No wonder my pants don't fit this morning. Danny got Pulled Pork Nachos and I got the Artichoke Delight pizza. It was so good. Okay, I'll stop talking about the pizza now.


After lunch, we decided to walk some of it off and shop for a few. We got started on Tuck's birthday and Christmas shopping then headed towards my next favorite part. The winery. I love Brown County Winery wine. Love it. Whenever I hear that someone is going to Brown County, I almost immediately hand them cash to pick up a few bottles of me. By a few I mean a minimum of 4. And now this will be me for the remainder of the year... or 5 weeks since I have 5 bottles.

Next stop: Bear Wallow Distillery. We didn't know this was here until we saw the sign, which I'm glad we did because this was a fun place! They had moonshine shake ups in a variety of flavors and a few other drink specials. I enjoyed a peach shake up and Danny had an apple something. It was at this moment that I realized what I want to do when I retire, other than travel, and this is work at a winery or distillery. Preferably a winery for obvious reasons.

So a recap of Saturday: brewery, then a winery, then a distillery. My kind of Saturday!

After almost driving into the next state thanks to my navigational skills, we headed back to the camper for a fire and dinner. We had lobster ravioli (they were in the frozen section of the grocery store) over zucchini and tomatoes. Wrap it all in foil, put them on the grill for about 12 minutes and dinner is done! I've got some many good camper-camping recipes that I'll have to make a post dedicated to those.

Sunday after we woke up we headed home. We missed our babies a lot! But only one (the four legged one) missed us. We had to bribe Tucker home with bubbles. And the promise of pizza for dinner, which he had to eat in the car.

I had such a good weekend with my husband. I can't wait until we get away again next year!


  1. What a stinker. Oliver wouldn't miss me he would hands down miss his dad though. Sounds like you had a great getaway weekend.

  2. I've missed reading your posts! Looks like a great weekend away with just the 2 of you! :)