Oct 19, 2015

Weekend Recap

The Summers fam had a pretty standard weekend. I love standard weekends. You get some things done, you have some fun, and you relax. Perfect!

Shortly after publishing my post on Friday, I went home. The guy that works for me (on National Boss's Day, no less) told me I looked like shit and should go home. I was definitely in pain and as soon as I rounded up some work I could do from the comfort of my couch on my heating pad, I left. I am feeling better today, but it still hurts. I brought the heating pad with me to work though and its currently working its magic.

That evening Tuck and I visited Danny to take his dinner to him. There was a brief meltdown over a mini blueberry muffin since after 1 sucker and 5 Starburst I preferred Tuck eat FOOD before anymore junk. I gave him the muffin with his dinner, which he proceeded to hold the entire time he ate.

I was so happy bedtime arrived.

Saturday we went to our nephew's last football game of the season. It was freezing and they lost. I will say I was totally happy with having a reason to wear boots. I usually try to wait until Nov. 1st to turn my heat on and bust my boots out, but I had to make an exception on both over the weekend. I debated staying home, but the game was about 5 minutes away from the best ice cream in the entire state. We with Danny's mom, his sister, a niece and a nephew to Ivanhoe's for lunch and ice cream. Since Tucker ate everyone's popcorn and/or hot dog (seriously, he ate part of a hot dog from my sister-in-law's mom), so he just ate his Mamaw's ice cream sundae. And loved every bite!

When we got home, I went on a beer run for the guys. They got the ceiling done and part of the walls done!! Worth the beer. After the Tiny Dictator went to bed, Danny and I watched Modern Family and went to bed pretty early. We were beat and I knew Tuck wouldn't let me sleep in at all. I just knew it.

And I was right. At 3:30 he woke up and we slept in the chair. I debated just going to our bed, but I wanted to wait until he was asleep to move him. At 6 when Danny's alarm went off for work, I tried to make the move but Tucker woke up and yelled "Chair!" So bossy.  We sat back down and never went back to sleep. We went to  lunch and shopping with my mom which had me contemplating a cocktail at 1pm. Never shop during naptime. Never. I decided to go to the grocery on the way home. God must have pitied me and the car shopping cart was right next to where we parked. We never get it. I about cried.

In true Sour Patch Kid form, Tucker was an angel the rest of the day. Hugs galore, kisses and snuggling. It ALMOST made me forget the standing in the cart, spinning all chairs and screaming through The Container Store. Almost. Once he went to bed, I showered and for some reason decided to watch the Law & Order: SVU from a few weeks ago. It was about a serial killer and for some reason it bothered me. Every once in a while I get anxious if I watch when Danny isn't home and last night was one of those times.

Now I'm at work and already wanting Friday to be here. Or Thursday because it could be exciting!

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